Ideas To Reward Your Kids For A Job Well Done

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Are your kids working really hard and putting in great effort towards a goal? Here are 5 ideas to reward your kids for a job well done!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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When your children do a great job, no matter what it is they did, you want to reward them. You want to show them how proud you are of their abilities and dedication to their tasks. When you do reward them, they will feel motivated to continue working towards doing a great job. Even when they don’t do well at something, you can still reward them for their effort. This shows them that effort matters just as much as completing a task.

There are many ways to motivate your children toward success, but if you’re not sure how to, then here’s a quick guide to help you!

Tell Everyone About It

Kids love compliments, especially from people they care about. Grandparents, family members, and friends are all great examples. But there’s no reason why you can’t go further and tell everyone how great your kids are and what they’ve done. You’ve probably seen this a lot on the road, where parents are proud to show off a customized bumper sticker about their child’s high grades or their team affiliations . You can do the same thing for your child even if it’s about effort.

Offer Financial Incentives For Their Hard Work and Effort

Teaching your children about money for good work and effort can encourage them to do better and incentivize them for their hard work. It can also help them learn how to handle cash in a smart way. When kids get extra income for doing something, it shows them how valuable hard work is. You don’t have to give them a large amount of cash, but you can offer them a trip to the toy store or to do their favorite extracurricular activity.

Reward Your Kids with Extra Screen Time

Experts say that kids shouldn’t watch screens for more than two hours a day. This includes television, video games, phones, and tablets. Some people think this is a small number. But studies have shown that long-term exposure can make it hard to sleep, make you forget things, and change your mood. So, if you have a strict schedule for screen time, your kids will be happy to have some extra time to play their favorite games or watch the latest kid-friendly Netflix show.

Reward them with a Play Date

During the school year, scheduling play dates with friends can be hard due to all of the homework and after school extracurricular activities that take place. But if you notice your child working extra hard or putting in great effort to accomplish a goal, it’s a great idea to reward them with a play date. Offer them an opportunity to get a ride to the mall with friends, or to the playground, or even to the movies – just make sure they get to invite their friends.

Start an Award Tradition

A great way of encouraging your kids to do well and work hard is to start a family tradition of giving awards. For example, you can create an award certificate for your child that is unique to him or her. It can be made by hand or printed out and used. There are many award templates for kids of all ages that you can find online. You can have fun with this reward method, because you can give your child an award for any reason. Plus, awards can easily be placed in frames or put it somewhere they can see it every day.

The Takeaway

You can help motivate their passions and encourage hard work if you reward your kids. Some of the most effective ways include displaying achievements, extra screen time, and family awards.

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