How Busy Single Dads Can Make The Most Of Long Business Trips

Are you a single dad who has to take long business trips away from your kids? Here’s a quick guide to make the most of it!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Traveling alone for business can get on your nerves. Long business trips are daunting for single dads as they often end up missing their children sooner than later. The challenge gets bigger if you are in a different time zone because constant connectivity is out of the question. But you can make the best of the opportunity by enjoying the perks that long business trips offer. Consider it a chance to reconnect with yourself while surviving physical and emotional distancing from your kids. Here are some great ways single dads can make the most of their long business trips!

Plan for leisure

Although business trips are about work, you will probably have a few “free” days during an extended one. Planning for leisure helps you have a good time without missing home and family. Research your destination and list the best places to visit, dine, and enjoy activities. You need to create an itinerary, and good research lets you plan some worthy excursions for after meetings and work. You can even check some nearby destinations during weekends.

Let your wanderlust guide you

Traveling solo can be liberating, more so when your holidays are usually filled with visiting in-laws and with noisy kids in tow. With family trips, the kids often dictate where you’ll eat and where you’ll adventure to because they need to be satisfied in order to have a stress-free trip. As a solo traveller, you can finally get a chance to follow your own needs and instincts. So on your next business trip, try to enjoy it by letting your wanderlust guide you. Check local adventure activities like hiking and deep sea diving, and go with the flow.

Make New Friends

An endless solo trip can take a toll on your sanity, but finding a local companion is a good option. You may spend time with a colleague, befriend a local, or connect with tourists at popular hangout spots.

Single dads, and we stress this fact as this option is for single men, may even explore the idea of escort services. For example, if you’re a single dad and are lonely on one of your business trips, you could check out Amsterdam escorts for a suitable companion. These services are 100% legal in the Netherlands, and therefore, useful when single.

If escort services aren’t for you, you can make new friends by doing some local group activities. Maybe it’s entering a karaoke contest or even joining a sports team. Either way, making a few new friends at these activities is bound to happen and will be good for your long-term solo trip.

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Try Local Cuisine

Besides exploring the local places and finding good company, you can make the most of your business trip by indulging in the local cuisine. Ordering room service is the last thing you should do because it will only fuel feelings of isolation. Step out and enjoy a drink at a local bar. Head to the fresh food markets to find a variety of new tastes to take in. And try eating at a restaurant that’s not in a touristy area. Even street vendors have great local cuisine items to try. By getting out and learning the food of the area, you’ll get to know the place you’re visiting much better.

Stay connected

This one is a no-brainer because you will miss your loved ones, no matter what you do. Establish a daily routine for a video call at a time that works for everyone, regardless of time zone differences. You can stay connected through messaging as it does not disrupt your work and kids’ school. Share pictures and send gifts for your children to show how much you miss them. You can also FaceTime one another and send videos of your daily activities.

The Takeaway

Solo business travel sounds challenging for single dads, specifically when the trip lasts for weeks, and your kids will be without you. But you can follow these survival tips to stay sane and have a good time.

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