Top Tips To Avoid Holiday Stress

Learn to avoid holiday stress this joyful season by using the tips we’ve compiled for you in this 3-minute guide!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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The holiday season is a time to be jolly, but sometimes, it doesn’t always pan out the way you want it. Perhaps your holiday is spent shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts, and making personal deliveries. Before you know it, so much time will have passed, making you feel more stressed than ever. If you have plans of traveling, then you might be even more stressed. A survey on this topic revealed that 66% of people feel some degree of stress at this time of the year. Fortunately, you can take matters into your hands and relieve holiday travel stress.

#1 Plan your holiday travel schedule

Reports indicate that many people fail to plan their holiday schedule, leading to stress and pressure. This usually happens because some prefer to live in the moment during the trip. They would rather leave their schedules open and fill them with whatever comes up. The problem with this is the risk of clashing holiday activities. This often leads to stress and anxiety as people are suddenly faced with the task of planning their days impromptu. Therefore, instead of leaving your schedule open, it is better to plan adequately.

For example, if you have plans to embark on a Smoky Mountain vacation, you may want to keep the day open and devoid of other activities. The last thing you want is to feel the stress of squeezing in time to show up for a holiday party you already gave your word. Proper planning would have saved you from a disorganized holiday schedule.

#2 Plan your spending

According to available data, many households fail to set a budget for travel during the holiday season. Many people rather spend as much as possible on anything that looks appealing. This can become a problem if not checked. Data also shows that households with young kids spend twice more than those without kids. This happens because parents often feel obliged to buy more toys, gifts, and souvenirs for their young ones from the places they are visiting.

Although this is endearing and seems like something any well-meaning parent would do, it doesn’t do too well for your pocket. Excessive holiday spending increases anxiety because you know those purchases were unplanned. It is, therefore, advisable to set a holiday budget and commit to sticking to it. The last thing you want is to exceed your budget and have nothing for emergencies. According to experts, people who stay within the budget have enough to take them through the first month of the new year when they are back from the trip.

#3 Set boundaries and learn to say no

The average household receives at least three different invitations to destinations during the holidays. Friends, colleagues, and extended family may want you to travel to them. However, that can be stressful if you already have your plans. You can avoid this by setting boundaries and learning to politely turn down some of these invitations. Admittedly, some people have difficulty doing this. However, failing to set these boundaries only compounds the holiday stress you might already feel.

The tip here is to turn down these invitations politely. If you can afford it and if also within your budget, you can send a simple gift in place of attending. That said, you don’t have to feel compelled to send a gift as your response to avoiding holiday invitations. Indeed, not every host would take kindly to an invitation being refused, but you can avoid further hostility by explaining that it clashed with your own plans.

#4 Deliberately slow things down

Deliberately slowing things down means you understand the need to apply the brakes and be more intentional about enjoying your trip. A series of activities undoubtedly mark the holiday season. However, you can slow things down by becoming conscious of your actions around this time and only choosing what you’ll likely enjoy. It would be best if you concentrated more on taking better care of yourself at this time of the year. If you took the trip to get a holiday break, it would be a great idea to find time to also rest for the year ahead.

#5 Meal Planning

Planning holiday meals is a great way to reduce stress and ensure everyone enjoys themselves during this festive season. By carefully considering each course that you wish to serve for each meal, meal planning allows you to save both time, money, and energy when hosting dinner parties or gatherings at your home. Plan ahead when it comes to holiday celebrations and stock up on snacks for family get-togethers for maximum enjoyment this holiday season! Planned ahead also allows you to try new recipes or get creative with food ideas that will surprise and amaze guests at each gathering! Rope in the culinary excellence of a bakery for something truly exceptional, or think carefully about what dishes will be served during the holidays, to ensure everyone is fully satisfied and have plenty of time left over for festivities!

The Takeaway

Avoiding holiday stress while traveling is not difficult. The more you employ some of the tips above, the more likely you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday season.

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