How To Plan The Perfect Family Vacation

With the holidays over, it’s time to start thinking about your summer plans. Here’s an easy guide to help you plan the perfect family vacation.

by Kimberly Pangaro

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Now that the holidays are over, you can start looking ahead at what your summer plans will be. Whether that’s taking a trip overseas, heading out on a cruise, or taking the whole family on a safari, trying to plan the perfect family vacation can be stressful.

That’s why we’ve put together this easy guide filled with great tips to help you save time, vacay stress-free, and have the time of your life with your family! So here’s our list of tips to plan the perfect family vacation!

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Find Activities That Immerse You In Local Culture

Immersing kids in local culture can help their learning and give them fond memories. Consider locations like China, which offer Chinese Kung Fu activities for your children or Australia, which offer surfing lessons for everyone. The goal is to enroll your children and the adults in lessons that are fun and incorporate local traditions. You could also explore local historical sites, delicacies and sacred locations to really learn about the area you’re visiting.

Get The Family Involved In Planning

Kids of all ages can become more interested in their travels if they are involved in the decision-making. If you have younger children, give them a small list of activities and ask them to choose one. If you have older kids, give them a budget and let them plan certain activities you could do when you are at your chosen location. Getting your kids involved in the design process is a great way to help create a vacation that everyone will enjoy.

Do Extra Planning For The Plane Trip

If you want to go abroad, keep the younger family members entertained by planning for some of the travelling legs of your journey. When travelling on a plane, keep younger family members engaged by bringing games and activities they recognize from home. Try to keep younger kids in a routine by eating and sleeping as close to traditional meal times as possible. It will make the overall trip seem less stressful for them and you.

Research Family-Friendly Hotels

Family-friendly hotels are the key to relaxation for the whole family. If you find a spot where the kids can go to a holiday club, you’ll have precious moments to relax. Kid-friendly hotels might also offer fun day trips for you and the kids or have some on-site activities that you can all enjoy. 

Create An Itinerary

Carefully planning each day of your trip can help you make the most out of every day you spend with your kids. Even if one of those days simply involves a relaxing day by the pool, still pencil it in. Itineraries can help more anxious kids feel like they know what is happening and give you the opportunity to plan well in advance. It can also stave off the boredom of a lengthy trip.

The Takeaway

Designing the perfect family vacation begins with a good plan. Plan to immerse kids in local cultures to help them appreciate their travels. Build an itinerary that has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy the trip. Don’t be afraid to try new activities. Remember to let your children make some activity-choices, and do your best to stay at kid-friendly hotels. Hopefully, if you follow some or all of the tips above, your family vacation will be an epic one!

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