Discover How To Pull Off Different Looks With A Suit

Suits are a great way to distinguish your fashion from the rest, but it’s not easy to do this as a daily fashion choice. Here’s a quick guide on how to pull off different looks with a suit!

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Linen is one of the oldest fabrics and is progressively growing in popularity for its distinct cooling properties. Unlike the olden times, linen suits for men are refined and available in various color options. The fabric has an evident texture and retains dyes uniquely, giving it a strong and unique personality. 

The fabric’s quality makes it appealing because it’s durable and comfortable. Moreover, the fibers don’t stretch, are damage-resistant, and the colors don’t fade away. Air can pass through linen fibers easily and allows your skin to breathe. If you’re wondering how to wear your linen suit, here’s how. 

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The Shirt to Pair with a Linen Suit

The simplicity of linen can tempt you easily. For the most part, a linen shirt will work, particularly if you don’t require a tie. However, if you’re seeking a formal look, you’d rather consider an alternative. For a cocktail event, you’re better off contrasting a linen suit with a plain shirt (poplin). 

Wear a taupe jacket and a button-down (pale blue) and you’ll be good to go. If you’re seeking a more formal look, a sateen finish shirt is ideal. The fabric offers sensational contrast against linen’s open weave and gives a perfect look if you need to include a tie. 

The Shoes to Match a Linen Suit

Your standard lace-ups can easily weigh down linen suits for men. You’d rather opt for loafers or if the event is casual, sneakers will work. You should wear a suit without socks in this case. 

Why You Need a Linen Suit

Quality linen isn’t necessarily light. However, the low thread count gives it cooling abilities than cotton. The fabric absorbs water while a quality linen suit will last longer than a conventional wool or cotton suit because of natural resilience. 

While quality linen will have a rougher feel than new wool or cotton suit, it gets softer overtime in addition to being conveniently hypoallergenic. Therefore, it doesn’t need airing out after dry cleaning like a wool suit. 

A key issue with this fabric is how it creases easily. Nevertheless, you should embrace this concern instead of being fearful. Heavier, textured linens usually crumple stylishly, but beware that the look isn’t pristine. Simply put this fabric for bold dressers. If you’re concerned about creasing or simply seeking something more refined, consider a mix of linen with silk and wool. 

What to Consider in a Linen Suit

When shopping for linen suits for men, it’s worth considering some quality hallmarks. A linen suit must have partial linings, so seek models with buggy-lining. The side pockets must be less bulky than on a conventional suit and ensure you buy unlined trousers. 

Many high-street brands line their trousers, preventing them from holding a crease and causing them to wear warm. It’s worth considering that while this style will be less bulky, it can be slightly shapeless. 

How to Pull off Different Looks with a Linen Suit


While this fabric is more casual than others are, it remains a smart substitute for wool suits. Linen’s stylishly crumpled texture appears calculated and superior when placed alongside a crisp cotton-made shirt for contrasting texture. For the tie, a patterned one will blend well into the fabric’s casual nature. 

How to Wear a Linen Suit on Different Occasions


For this occasion, you should go for a tailored look according to the time of day and season. If you’re the groom and you intend to have the event by the beach or outdoors surrounded by rustic scenery, you should go for a linen suit if you want to tone the formality down. 

Selecting a customized linen suit with some unique details is an excellent way to attend a summer wedding. This suit is perfect for a tranquil summer indoor or outdoor wedding. You should choose from colors such as dark beige or tan. 

Nevertheless, a well-tailored three-piece suit permits you to withstand the heat and still maintain a smart look in the hot weather. For grooms, a three-piece suit is a better option for an event that’s taking place in the countryside. 

If the wedding is taking place in a formal setting during summer, you could opt for a grey or dark 100% linen suit or linen blend with wool or cotton. You should wear the blend for formal ceremonies throughout hot seasons because they crease less than the 100% linen suits. 

For attendees, they could go for a two or three-piece suit in linen. A beige suit reflects formality during an evening wedding while brighter colors are for a laid-back atmosphere. 

The Takeaway

A linen suit is ideal if you want an elegant look. This fabric is great for several reasons. The lightweight material is one of the coolest and you can style it in various ways. From casual and formal to business, you’ll maintain an elegant look always. 

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