2023’s Hottest Children Picture Books

Give your children the love of reading by introducing them to 2023’2 hottest children picture books with this guide!

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Children grow so fast, and their literacy skills should grow, too. If you want to build your child’s reading collection, then you’ll need to stack their shelves with some books that spark critical thinking and curiosity.

But knowing which books to get is sometimes confusing and can leave parents unsure if the books they do have are good enough. That’s why we put together this extensive list of fantastic books that will not only instill a love of reading in your child, but will also build their awareness of what books offer in terms of diversity and intellect.

The list of books below are easy accessible reads about diversity, friendships, and even math. So without further adieu, check out 2023’s hottest children’s picture books.

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Pebbles and The Biggest Number by Joey Benun Illustrations by Laura Watson

Between the fun math and science facts there’s cute animals making friends. Pebbles the butterfly takes flight to learn the biggest number. Joey Benun’s book will be a hit with science and nature lover ages 6-9.

The Kindest Red by Ibtihaj Muhuumad

In the eyes of  Faizah  goes to a place of kindness, friendship, and family. It’s picture day and Faizah wears a dress that a family heirloom.  For the class assignment, she draws a world of kind people helping each other.

The Bright Side by Chad Otis

It’s hard to see the light when you live- on a school bus instead of a normal home. You dream of eating food other than bread and ketchup. The boy in this story uses his resourcefulness to imagine a better life. It’s based on the author’s childhood. Readers who crave a compassionate story will find this book just right.

Very Good Hats by Emma Straub illustrations by Blanca Gomez

It’s her first children’s book but she has put on her thinking cap with Very Good hats. Those who like to accessorize can use this book and their imagination for ideas. Then there’s the bonus of using it as craft time.

Stanley’s Secret by John Sullivan

Stanley’sSecret is the kind of picture book for the shy reader. Stanley dreams of dancing for an audience but he only tells his pet mice. He gets his chance to practice tap dancing after school in the empty classrooms and hallways. When the school’s security system discovers his secret will he share his gifts in the talent show? The lessons here’s rendered in vivid retro illustrations.

Diverse Characters

Baby Ballers Serena and Venus Williams by Bernadette Baillie illustrations by Marta Garantea

Follow the Williams sisters in their childhood in Compton, California. This adorable board book enchants readers ages 0-2.

This is not My Home by Vivienne Chang illustrated by Eugenia Yoh

A picture book for ages 4-8 is a reverse immigration story. A Taiwanese American must tag along with her mom’s move to Taiwan to care for her grandmother. Told for a child’s perspective about leaving and finding a home. The beautiful illustrations and flow will touch your heart.

Smart Sisters by Mechal Renee Roe

Mechal Renee Roe illustrates positive messages. Smart sisters is part of the Happy Hair Sisters series. It’s full of Brown and Black girls in their natural hair glory. Readers will learn self-confidence with every meaningful word of this story.

Deep Meanings

An American Story by Kwame Alexander Illistrated by Dare Coulter

The made-for-school book is the required reading to learn about slavery. It’s Important for students’ questions about slavery.  The tone gets the thinking straight with mixed media illustrations that a work of art.

Strong Illustrations For Babies

Construction Site: You’re Just  Right by Sherri Duskey 6Riskin

It’s a lift-the-flap book with energetic rhymes. Ride with the familiar friends in the original Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.  Who is the mystery writer of the notes sent to every beloved truck?  Perfect for parents and lovers of trucks and construction.

Vegetables in Pajamas Jared Chapman

Pajamas are the best part of getting ready for bed. Whether it’s winter or summer vegetables in pajamas are hilarious. Told with fun comfortable storytelling and is complete with pictures of colorful veggies.

Uni the Unicorn  Tooth Fairy Helper by Amy Krouse illustrated by Brigette Barager

Pulls the reader into the mystery of what happens on the tooth fairy’s nightly duties. Uni the Unicorn has the answers . What happens when she needs a break? Enter Uni and follow the magical adventures. The pictures and story of the loose tooth  guarantees  to be exciting.

The Takeaway

We know there‘s many upcoming releases that celebrate children’s love of reading. These are a sample of many exciting books to look forward to. We hope with these books you can learn, laugh and be inspired. These sweet and endearing picks should start you on the right reading track. Have you discovered any incredible picture books to add? Send us an email and ask us to include it in this list!

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