3 Tips To Be A Great Teacher To Your Kids

If you’re planning on homeschooling, you might want to think about what it takes to be a great teacher to your kids. Here are some tips to help guide you!

by Atomic Mommy

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So you’ve made the tough decision to homeschool your child, but you’re not a teacher and you worry how your lack of teaching skills will affect your child’s learning. This feeling is perfectly normal and in fact, many parents go through the same thought process when making the leap from school to home.

When you think about it, being a great teacher encompasses a lot of hard work which includes perfecting the fine art of communicating effectively. Further than this, your job will be to ensure that your child is learning what you are teaching them. So to help you get started on your new journey as teacher, here are a few things that you should bear in mind.

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#1 Cater To Their Learning Style

Everybody has different learning styles, so to make life easier for yourself you’ve got to understand which one your child benefits more from. If they benefit from visual resources, this is when you can start to use pictures and videos. If they seem to learn using hands-on, then you may want to provide them with real world scenarios to practice new skills.

This is especially true for trying to teach something that you don’t necessarily have a 100% grasp of. The www.generationgenius.com/videolessons/earths-landscapes-video-for-kids/ site offers many visual resources, but also provides a number of discussion questions to keep the conversation going. You can also try an outdoor school to help your child with their hands-on training.

#2 Think About How You Present Yourself

Body language is the most important aspect of any form of communication. When you are trying to teach your child something, it’s best to be engaged in the lesson between you and your child. If they start asking questions off topic, be sure to acknowledge their questions and give them an appropriate time that you expect to answer them.

The best way to show your child you’re there for them is to give them 100% of your focus during teaching time. So, try not to have your phone out, or the television on, and keep snacks to certain times of the day. Presenting yourself as an authority figure they can trust will allow your child to recognize this new structure and method of teaching.

#3 Explore Topics Together

If your child asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, this is the perfect opportunity for you both to start uncovering it together. This means you’ll have an opportunity to answer the question, but also make sure that you are spending quality time together, which is a rarity for so many of us. 

You can always benefit from working together with your child to “feel around” for an answer. Exploration is such an important thing that we, as parents, can encourage in our children. The link https://minds-in-bloom.com/encouraging-children-to-explore-five/ gives us a great starting point. Exploring the answers to your child’s questions together will help build an unbreakable bond between one another.

The Takeaway

Working to be a great teacher to your kids takes a lot of fine-tuning, but by setting the right examples and getting the balance right, you can achieve so much and send your children in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to say that you just can’t do it anymore, there is nothing wrong with that. Being a teacher for your child from Pre K all the way up can take its toll on you mentally and you may feel like you can’t teach your children everything. 

If this is the case then there are online schooling programs that can take over and teach your children everything they need to know. This is especially common when children reach the age of 11. The knowledge needed for high school might be different to what you were taught as a child. Take a look online to find the right one for your child. 

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