How To Introduce Science To Your Toddler

If you want to introduce science to your toddler, there are many ways to do so. In this guide, we talk about a few tips to do it successfully.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Science is a fascinating subject that helps you understand the world and how things work. It’s never too early to start exploring the wonders of science, and introducing the subject to your toddler can be a fun and exciting experience.

Statistics show that early science lessons can profoundly impact a child’s future academic success, which is probably why 57% of families spent about $10,000 on their toddlers’ early education. Here are some creative ways to introduce science to your toddler.

#1 Engage in hands-on activities.

Kids can quickly learn through observation and examples. Therefore, engaging in hands-on activities will be an excellent way to start. Your toddler can help you sort toys by size, shape, or color, building their coordination and organization skills. You can also encourage your toddler to build towers or structures with blocks. Aside from being a fun pastime, these are also great ways to boost your child’s creativity and curiosity, and will deepen their understanding of scientific principles like cause and effect.

Another way to engage in hands-on activities to introduce science to your little one is to try planting and gardening. Planting seeds and watching them grow over time teaches the basics of growth in living things. You can make it simpler by likening it to how they were tiny babies and no longer are. You can also teach them why plants need water, sunlight, and good soil to grow if they’re old enough.

#2 Make it interactive.

Interactivity can help make science more engaging and memorable for your toddler. One way to start this is by taking nature walks with them around the neighborhood, park, or backyard garden. These nature walks encourage your toddler to observe and ask questions about the plants, animals, and insects they see. You can discuss their observations, learn more about what they think it is, and help them make connections between these and what they already know. Interacting with your toddler will sustain their interest as you and your little one exchange information. This way, it sticks in their mind faster. For example, if your child asks why the grass is green, your answer should be simple enough to help them understand and apply what they’ve learned.  

#3 Encourage learning through play.

Playing with water is a great way to introduce your toddler to the properties of liquids. There are fun things to do with your toddler to help them understand the different concepts behind handling water. You can start by allowing them to pour water from one container to another while you supervise them. This activity helps them understand how liquids flow and, more importantly, how to control the amount of water they pour. The next step is to experiment with mixing different colors into the water. Afterward, gradually introduce floating and sinking by letting them try out different objects to see why certain things sink or float. You can also make things more exciting by giving your toddler straws to blow air into a water bowl; the bubbles will be your toddler’s new best friend.

The Takeaway

Certainly, these are exciting ways to introduce science to your toddler. Adopting the creative tips above can complement whatever your toddler learns from daycare and childcare. The more fun and engaging these lessons are, the higher the chances of getting your young ones interested in this subject.

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