Is Your Hormone Health At Risk From These?

Tired all the time? Low libido? Under eye bags, hair falling out, and dull skin? You could be experiencing hormone health issues. Let’s find out!

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You probably don’t know this, but our bodies’ hormones control many aspects of our lives. From hair loss to skin conditions to brain function to metabolism, literally every aspect of our physical functions are controlled by our hormones.

Statistics show that nearly 80% of all women are affected by hormone imbalances, with as much as 70% of women not aware that they’re affected. This kind of unawareness leads to many who suffer from different hormonal diseases such as obesity, chronic fatigue, excessive sweating, erratic sleep, Diabetes, kidney failure, and so much more.

So if you’re wondering what could be hurting your body’s natural hormone functions, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a look at some of the research we found just for you!

Buying Fraudulent Testosterone

Both men and women have testosterone running through their bodies. Testosterone helps to maintain a woman’s reproductive tissues, bone marrow, and human behaviors. In men, it boosts energy, builds muscle, and helps with erectile dysfunction. Because of the health benefits of testosterone, many online merchants are looking to corner the market by selling low-dose or fake testosterone supplements, leading consumers to be scammed and potentially harmed by the fraudulent stuff.

An investigation found that these online purchases are not safe for people’s health. Many sellers do not require prescriptions nor are they asking important health history questions. Furthermore, these merchants are fulfilling the orders at high rates and at times, in facilities that are not up to the USDA guidelines.

Regardless of the scams and unhealthy risks, consumers are still willing to purchase these illegitimate brands with the majority neglecting all warnings about underlying conditions and  risks like infertility. So the next time you think you need a testosterone supplement, avoid buying online, and head straight to your doctor.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash industry is a highly unregulated industry in America, for both adults and children. Because of this fact, many people have succombed to the cancer causing chemicals found in these products.

For those who have been lucky enough to not have yet become a victim to medical diseases associated with the use of these products, it’s important to understand how certain chemicals used in these bath & shower products are also known as endocrine disruptors.

Unfortunately, many of these so called cancer-causing and endocrine disrupting ingredients are masked by creative marketing labels such as 100% Natural, Organic, and USDA certified, leading consumers to believe they’re extremely safe to use. Though these labels are only labels and mean nothing in terms of protecting a person’s health.

However, sites like EWG Verified have lists of many of these dangerous shampoos, body wash, and conditioners and lists the chemicals that are truly harmful- chemicals like Sodium Benzoate for example, is often touted as safe by companies, but what is not mentioned on the bottles is how it turns cancerous when mixed with certain other ingredients like Vitamin C. So do your research, before putting rubbing these products into your skin.

Hot Flashes & Diets

Hot Flashes are a real concern because it affects both men and women. Lifestyle changes, health concerns, and hormone health are all contributing factors in deciding who will suffer from hot flashes. But did you know that your diet could help you alleviate some, if not all, the symptoms associated with hot flashes?

Enter the world of a plant based diet. If you’re in despair with hot flashes, if it comes to the point where multi-vitamins won’t relieve your sweaty suffering, then a plant-based diet may be the very thing that keeps you functioning properly.

According to research, foods such as tofu, bone broth, legumes, edamame, and fish are all healthy food choices to keep hot flashes at bay.  Other plant based choices include chickpeas. These foods reduce moderate to severe hot flashes by 84%. Of course, you can take estrogen-based medication for hot flashes as well, but since there’s the risk of breast cancer, healing yourself with foods might be the best option.

Too Much Stress

Look, we get it, life is stressful, but at what health cost are you allowing the stress to have on you? Stress has terrible affects on the body’s health, such as being a main factor in causing heart disease.

But while everyone knows that Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone, most people don’t realize how too much of this hormone can also cause other ailments and diseases such as weight gain, obesity, and Diabetes.

And as you put your body through all different stressors, the higher your Cortisol levels go. This is why finding ways to lower your cortisol levels can be helpful in developing a normal hormone balance in your body, thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle and longevity in life.

It’s not hard to lower these levels. In fact, it has been shown that there are many natural ways to reduce stress in the body, like laughing and having fun. You could also try these supplements, or dark chocolate. And if you’re still stressed out, try some Green tea or Chamomile tea. Both have extremely healthy benefits and work wonders at reducing stress.


Perhaps you’re already suffering from Diabetes, or perhaps, you are one of the millions of undiagnosed people whose doctors tell them they’re borderline. Well, regardless of you personal situation, Diabetes symptoms can be detrimental to both short term and long term health.

How do you know if you’re one of the undiagnosed? It’s not as simple as checking for fever. If you’re even thinking about it, you may have already experienced some of the symptoms such as fainting, extreme fatigue after eating, or a feeling of zero energy if you haven’t eaten in a few hours, extreme thirst, or burning sensation in the limbs. These are all possible symptoms, so if you’ve had one or a group of these, it’s time to see the doctor and get your hormones checked.

The good news is that people with Type 1 Diabetes now have something new to try: bionic pancreas. The device, while not approved yet, is said to help adults and children regulate blood sugar levels. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing the technology. If approved it relieves the task of tracking blood sugar levels, and the need to have your fingers pricked.


By now you should have a better understanding of hormone health and what may be a risk-factor. As you continue to learn more about your hormone health, remember to research how everything: skincare, body washes, makeup, food, and DNA, can all cause hormone health issues. Above all else, use sites like EWG Verified to buy the safest products available for you and your children.

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