Top Fashion Staple Pieces You Need For The Spring

Never wonder if the weather is going to ruin your day again! With these top fashion staple pieces, you’ll enjoy spring every day. Check out our guide here!

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We all know that spring is a tricky time of year for choosing outfits. If you choose a spring dress and the weather chills up, you’ll be left freezing all through the day. Thick coats might be great for winter months, but going out with one in the spring might prove to be bulky and cause you to sweat a great deal. 

Spring weather is unpredictable, of that we are sure, but there’s no reason you can’t have fashion staple pieces that can interchange between cooler days and warmer ones. That’s why we put together the top must-haves for your closet so you can survive spring in style!

Here they are!

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Bright Colored Blouses

Spring is all about bright colors. This is why colorful outfits don’t go out of style irrespective of the year. So, transitioning your wardrobe for spring this year shouldn’t be too hard. You just need some sustainable fashion staple pieces to liven your look. 

And there is no better time than now to start adding new eco-friendly pieces to your closet as you think of spring season outfit ideas. Try this bright spring combination: a bright orange blouse, a deep blue denim skirt, white sneakers, and a floral-themed purse. 

This combination is one of the best colorful spring outfits as it presents a contrast between two colors. You can try this with any two contrasting colors, too.

White Sneakers and Jeans 

Jeans and white sneakers can be dressed down with a graphic tee or dressed up with a cute blouse. These two fashion items give off a casual vibe, and they are superb for spring since it looks good and is comfortable. To get the look, you can pair any white set of sneakers with these ripped jeans and cute top. This way, you’ll have comfort and be fashionable all day long.  

Floral Dresses

Spring is the beginning of the warm season when flowers bloom everywhere. So, wearing a floral dress is quite literally the perfect outfit to wear. Floral pieces never seem to go out of style, so adding one to your every day fashion will only enhance your spring fashion.

To give the look a dressy feel, all you need is a midi-floral dress with wedge sandals. To dress it down a bit, pair the dress with a denim jacket and white sneakers or other flats. Either way, this floral dress will be a fashionable piece to add to your wardrobe, and one that will always be in fashion.

Denim Jackets and Light Sweaters

The spring is tricky when it comes to weather. It can be cold in the mornings, warm in the early afternoon, blazing hot closer to the evening, and breezy as nightfall arrives. Because of this, planning the perfect spring outfit is definitely, but it’s not impossible.

To really enjoy the spring weather, consider layering up with a denim jacket or light sweater. The benefit to doing this is that you can keep it on when cool or take it off when warm. Regardless of the weather, you’ll be taken care of.

Pocket Umbrella

When the weather suddenly turns from sunny to cloudy, and you feel that first rain drop on your head, you’ll be sorry you didn’t have this amazingly cute pocket umbrella! Weighing in at just 8 ounces and as big as your cell phone, this little tool is an absolute essential item to have. This made our list of top fashion staple pieces because you can carry it with you in any size purse, and will keep you dry in the early spring months when rainfall is usually high.

Final Words 

Owning a few fashion staple pieces allows you to properly leave your house in comfort, and to stay feeling that way all day. Remember to keep your wardrobe full of these kinds of pieces so you never run into not knowing what to wear ever again!

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