How To Ramp Up Your Self-Care This Spring

Seasonal depression is a real thing, and many suffer from it, which leads to poor self-care. Here’s a quick guide on how to ramp up your self-care this spring!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Mothers wear a great deal of stress because we are more likely to bear the brunt of the parenting responsibilities. We know this because of the many studies that have been done. For example, one such study by the American Psychological Association stated that mothers are more likely than fathers to report stress about handling their daily duties and their children. Another survey by Today highlights that 70% of mothers experience anxiety every day.

Since moms tend to worry more about caring for their families, it’s natural to feel as though you lack any focus on self-care. But in truth, the best way to deal with the woes of motherhood and get back to feeling like yourself, is to prioritize self-care. And because the winter weather is about to be change to a sunny spring, it’s time to learn a few ways to ramp up your self-care. Let’s chat about the ways we’ve gathered for you below.

Get Organized

Clutter and lack of organization can stress you out when you have an endless task list at home and work. Start the season with a spring cleaning spree and commit to keeping clutter out of your living space for good. Plan to organize your closets, kitchen cabinets, shoe racks, and even your junk drawers. Once you organize these areas, you will feel relaxed in a clutter-free and well-organized home. 

Clean Your Diet

Besides decluttering your home, you must also clean up your diet and spring is the perfect time to do it. You’ll have loads of options in fresh produce to enjoy healthy eating. And because the weather will be less gray, your mind will be more likely to swap out sugar and processed food for veggies and fruits. Think of your diet like this: if your food comes in a box, is frozen, or is pre-seasoned, then it’s probably not good for your diet. Lastly, go the extra mile with hydration because you will probably feel thirstier as the days turn warm.

Add Variety To Your Fitness Routines

Moms hardly have time to exercise, yet we somehow find time to hop on a treadmill. But rather than staying indoors, use the spring season as a great way to add variety to your fitness routine. Step out for nature walks, take bike rides by the beach, head to lake for some kayaking, or do yoga on a green field by a river. Adding different varieties into your routine will allow you to not only ramp up your self-care, but also help you find the joy in exercising again.

Keep Pain Levels At Bay

All the bending, heavy lifting, and cleaning that moms do, it’s no wonder why our bones and joints ache. Some days we can feel like a million bucks, while other days the pain our bodies are in can really deter us from making smart decisions about our health. So, one of the most important steps you can take to ensure great self-care, is to reduce the amount of pain you experience daily. This is where CBD comes into play, because it is known to boost energy levels and relieve soreness. Plus, it can also help calm your mind, allowing for deeper concentration and better sleep. Check Mind Vapes’s sale page to buy a tool that works for you. Beginners can opt for basic ones, and seasoned users can graduate to an E-nail dab rig for the best experience.

Start A Garden

Planting a garden is the best form of self-care for moms. It can help alleviate down moods, reduce anxiety, lift you out of depression, and remove stress. Gardening has a whole host of therapeutic benefits while it beautifies your home and provides you fruits and vegetables on the regular. To start, all you need is a small space for a container garden or a few large pots to build a small vegetable garden. Depending on where you live, be sure to pick flowers and fruits and veggies that work with your environment and not against it. For example, if you live in the cold, you wouldn’t want to grow Avocados outdoors. And of course, if you live in a flat or apartment, you could grow an indoor herb garden, as it is quite easy to and requires very little space.

Pamper Yourself More Often

Moms often skimp on feel-good activities, but you must try embracing a pampering routine this spring. Indulging in a weekly spa treatment is a good idea as it helps you feel refreshed and renewed. Take yourself on a few solo dates, or plan a solo trip. Do whatever it takes to give yourself ample rest & recovery time for the mind. Don’t forget to forgive yourself for failing to meet expectations and being selfish because you deserve it as much as anyone else.

The Takeaway

Self-care means different things for everyone, but you can embrace these tips to become a happier version of yourself. If you start using some of these tips this spring, you might end up feeling happy much sooner than you expect!

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