The Variety Of Cases A Personal Injury Lawyer Handles

Do you know the types of injuries or accidents that require a personal injury lawyer? Here’s a guide on how one can help!

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Personal injury lawyers work to provide assistance and legal representation for those who have been injured due to the negligence of another person, business, or entity. These types of lawyers can help with work slips and falls to auto accidents and dog bites.

All personal injury claims involve a party that is legally responsible for damages suffered by an injured person. In these situations, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation through a lawsuit or settlement. A qualified and specialist lawyer, like Pratt Williams, can help victims navigate their cases to get the best possible outcome.

In this article, we will examine three types of personal injuries that are claimed for with the help of specialist lawyers.

Work Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases for adults, yet they can occur with children as the victims, too. These cases involve an injured person suing a property owner for damages due to unsafe conditions on their premises.

Depending on the specifics of the accident, may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, or other costs related to their injuries.

Falling objects are another possibility at work, particularly in a factory or warehouse setting and claims can be substantial depending on the injuries suffered.

Wrongful deaths, in extreme cases, will result in a situation where the relatives want to fight for the compensation that is due. It is an upsetting time and lawyers have the expertise and communication skills to deal with the legalities and the upset involved.

It is necessary to prove that the accident was avoidable and that not enough care was taken by an employer to protect its employees. For instance, is a pathway or fire door being kept clear? Are machines being regularly maintained? Is protective equipment always available? Are employees being sufficiently trained on machinery and in the safety procedures that protect everyone? 

These are all questions that, if answered negatively, will strengthen a personal injury claim when it happened at work.

Auto Accidents

When an auto accident is caused by the negligence of another driver, victims may be able to pursue financial compensation for any medical costs incurred, loss of income from being unable to work, and other damages they have suffered due to the incident. 

An experienced auto accident attorney can work with victims to build a strong case to get the compensation deserved. The fight will generally involve insurance companies who will be trying to keep their pay-out to a minimum, whereas your lawyer will be fighting for the highest figure possible. There is a scale used which is based on past cases, but then there might be specific circumstances to take into account.

A common injury with road accidents include whiplash, which is not always as minor as people think and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in the short and long term. Something as small as this can be cause for claiming compensation, so be sure to speak to your lawyer about any injuries you may have suffered from.

Dog Bites

Dog bite cases are also a common type of personal injury case. 

Dog owners may be held liable for any injuries sustained due to their pet’s behavior. It is up to the owner to control their dog by having it on a lead and making sure it is wearing a muzzle where appropriate.

Where a dog attack has resulted in injuries, victims may be entitled to financial compensation for lost income, any medical bills that they had to settle because of their injury, and also for the trauma caused. 

It is important to work with a qualified dog bite attorney to get the best possible outcome.


Personal injury lawyers work hard to help victims of accidents get the compensation they are due. From work slips and falls to auto accidents and dog bites, these professionals work diligently to ensure their clients are helped by the law that is on their side.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, work with a qualified personal injury lawyer to get the best possible pay-out as well as justice for all that you have been through.

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