Best Apps to Find College Scholarships

If you’re worried about how you’ll pay for your kids’ college, don’t be. We’ve got you covered with the best apps to find college scholarships!

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Are you the parent of a student applying for college scholarships? If so, you already know it can be an arduous process. With so many opportunities available and countless grant providers to go through, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! To streamline your search, we’ve put together a list of the best tools that can help you find college scholarships. So read on and ensure that your scholarship-hunting efforts are successful! 


Top apps to search for college scholarships

We’ve rounded up these 8 best apps to give you a headstart on your search.  

1. OpenScholar 

OpenScholar is an open-source software app designed to help students create a digital portfolio of their achievements, courses, projects, and more. This lets potential universities quickly access the information online to easily secure an overview of the candidates’ qualifications. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, OpenScholar gives users access to a custom-crafted list of scholarship opportunities with just one search. It also allows users to filter their results based on requirements such as GPA, location, field of study, and more. 

In addition, the app also has some of the most up-to-date scholarship information as well as detailed descriptions of each one. This makes it easier for students to understand what they must do to apply. Lastly, the app also includes helpful tips and resources, such as interactive videos and articles about different aspects of the scholarship application process. As a result, OpenScholar makes it easy-peasy for students to find the perfect opportunity that fits their needs.

2. Scholly 

Scholly is an award-winning app that makes scholarships more accessible than ever before. The numbers speak for themselves—Scholly has awarded $100 million worth of scholarships to deserving students. 

Plus, the platform is so easy to use. Just enter some details about yourself, and Scholly quickly presents dozens of relevant results with clear descriptions, deadlines, and links that you can use to apply directly from the app itself.

3. Unigo 

Searching for a college scholarship is a snap with Unigo. Just look at their database worth $24 billion of awards! 

Unigo is an all-in-one tool for students looking for college-funding solutions. From grants to internships and tuition discounts, Unigo compiles the latest information on available sources of aid in one convenient place. This way, you don’t have to spend hours scouring the web yourself.

4. Fastweb

You can often see how fantastic apps are by their longevity. Such is the case with Fastweb, which has been around since 1995. This makes it one of the oldest resources available for scholarship seekers today! 

Fastweb allows you to create a personal profile. This way, you’ll receive only the most relevant results tailored just for you when you hit “search” each time. The huge database features awards totaling more than $3.4 billion in available funds!

5. Scholarships 360 

Many students may need help finding options as efficiently as possible without getting bogged down in endless details and websites they don’t need. However, they may not have enough time or energy to research available funds each semester or school year. Scholarships 360 is designed specifically with busy college students in mind. All it takes is a straightforward search; this app will simultaneously show you dozens of fantastic possibilities!

6. Sallie Mae 

Sallie Mae partners with multiple organizations nationwide and boasts a database of about $30 billion in scholarships! The Sallie Mae search engine uses advanced technology to identify grants matching your individual criteria. And the app can do this from across its vast network in just a few seconds! Best of all, you don’t have to be the top brainiac or star football player to get free money for college! So, say goodbye to wasting precious time searching elsewhere and immediately check out Sallie Mae! 

7 . Cappex 

Wanting more control over which scholarships you or your kids get matched with? Then Cappex, a platform backed by a multi-billion dollar database, is perfect for you! 

This free online tool lets users indicate which factors matter most when it comes to the ideal award (e.g., academic field or major, type of degree program desired, etc.). 

Once all preferences are specified, Cappex lists potential matches based on their accuracy rating system. 

The app also offers helpful ways to improve your chances at securing each scholarship by tweaking certain elements here or there (e.g., essay topics). Additionally, it offers a variety of tools to help students and families with the college application process.

8. Peterson’s 

Peterson’s is a free online resource that gives access to a variety of scholarship opportunities from public and private organizations. All these have been verified as reputable sources. 

Through the app, students can search for scholarships based on criteria they provide, such as grade level, area of study, ethnicity, or gender. In addition to the search capabilities, Peterson’s also provides information about filling out scholarship applications, understanding FAFSA forms, and tips on how to make the most of applying for scholarships. The website has an extensive database, so students are sure to find many options suited to their needs.

The bottom line

Thanks to these amazing apps, finding college scholarships need not be a daunting task anymore! They save valuable time by offering quick access and accurate results explicitly tailored towards each user’s needs or background information. On top of that, they come with clear instructions on how essays should be structured or written if needed. This helps students beef up their knowledge about what types of things judges look for, maximizing their chances of winning scholarship awards! With these best apps to find college scholarships, you can help ensure a bright future for yourself or your loved ones! Hungry for more savvy tips? Visit the blog of Atomic Mommy today!

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