Why Are We In Such A Rush? 3 Ways To Pause

Are you rushing through your weeks and not taking a moment to see the days unfold? In this guide, learn how to pause your ‘”Rush”!

by Kim Payne | Kim Payne has two sons, four publications, and too many notebooks and journals to count. She dreams of cool ocean breezes and iced coffee. You can follow her on Instagram @instawithkim

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Rush. Everyone around us seems to do it. We catch ourselves in it. Dictionary.com defines rush as to move with speed or to pass rapidly. But what are we passing by when we spend our days in a rush?

Thesaurus.com uses these words: dash, surge, scramble, blitz. Are we blitzing through our weeks and not taking a moment to see the days unfold?

I am guilty of the surge and blitz in my work and play. I used to be nervous every time I drove. I thought I was destined to be a fearful driver; but, I was uncomfortable of the cars constantly riding my vehicle’s bumper.

Was I the slow driver that likes to take my time and mind the posted speed limit? Maybe. But even in the “slow” lane, I would tense as I saw the fast approach of a car in my rearview. Drivers seem to be the most rushed of the population.

Yes, I have been there. I used to work the graveyard shift and would get off at 9 in the morning. I would race home to see if the kids were ready for school, as I was their only option to get to school. We drove as quickly as the economy car would take us and sped most of the way. That was not only ill-advised, but it was also reckless. I couldn’t even enjoy the mornings with my kids. If I was in such a state of rush, how must they have felt for the start of their school day?

If you are also sensing this rushing feeling, then an immediate rewrite is needed. We need to add some pause to our lives. Here are three ways that have helped me and may even help you accomplish this, too:

#1 Pause Your Reactions:

I can let negative impulsive thoughts invade my mind. I am more than happy to bury the positivity when I feel alarmed, wronged, or shamed. However, I would calm down and realize that it made me feel bad reacting poorly to others. I had a wakeup call. Maybe, if I was feeling that way, it was possible that they who were the brunt of my bad choices were feeling worse?

To combat this, I learned to take the whole picture into account and take a pause. Take a breath and don’t let that initial bad reaction ruin your day or theirs. 

#2 Pause Your Promises: 

There is zero wrong with promises, but you risk extending yourself to a thin thread. I knew I was being given a large bonus and I wanted to pay everyone back for their kindness. Instead of keeping my plans to myself (and checking my calculations), I boasted how great it was going to be to catch up. I did not pause to think that my promise may not come to fruition, and that could carry guilt and embarrassment for not being able to bless others.

Before you make promises, take the time to assess whether you can truly come through on them. Evaluate any possibilities that you could break the promise. Then re-assess until your sure that your promises won’t negatively affect you or anyone else.

#3 Pause Your Schedule:

Have you seen “Parenthood” from 1989 or “Bad Moms” from 2016? In the former, the parent has a jam-packed schedule for the child and the child never gets to have silly imagination and playtime. In the latter, the mom must eat lunch while driving because her children’s schedules are full of lessons for foreign language, music, sports, etc. She feels like she is in a constant maze of appointments, lacking any time to spend with her kids. Not only are these entertaining movies, and decades apart, they share a truth. Pause that schedule.

You do not have to do everything now. Learning and growth for you and your child are amazing opportunities. But don’t do it all today. 

Final Words

Dictionary.com defines pause as a temporary stop or rest; a momentary hesitation; a brief delay. Thesaurus.com uses the words: breathing space, intermission, lapse, and respite. I’d say these two resources are on the right track, and we should be, too. 

So if you were to reflect on your day, would you say you rushed or paused? Hopefully the tips above will help you figure that out. Good luck!

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