The Perfect Easter Menu Everyone Will Love

Is this your first Easter gathering at your home? Do you need an Easter menu that everyone will love? Look no further. Here’s the perfect Easter menu to feed your guests!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Easter is a time-honored tradition where many families gather together to eat great food and celebrate the holiday. This holiday is all about gratitude and what better way to show gratitude to loved one than to host a family celebration with a delightful Easter menu! 

To make this year’s celebration outstanding, create your menu using tried and true dishes, including some new ideas from around the world. Today’s food guide is going to go over what yummy meals you should put on your Easter menu. Let’s get started!

1) Choose a main dish that everyone will love.

Most families opt for their main dish to be a ham or type of fish. But considering that not everyone loves ham, and some may have a distaste for fish, a tried and true option that everyone will love is turkey. This may seem so simple but don’t be fooled. It’s one of the easiest and most essential dishes at the dinner table. Because it’s spring, you can opt to grill a turkey, and top it off with a side of string beans or collard greens, and a peach cobbler for dessert. These will help bring out the flavors of your turkey.

2) Try adding some Italian appetizers.

One way to add a different take to your Easter menu is to add an Italian appetizer. A great add-on for this holiday feast would be Lasagna rolls. To make it light or vegan, you can opt out of using cheese or choose grass-fed cheeses, use eggplant instead of meat, and even use zucchini as the pasta strips. Even with the swaps, this appetizer will still be a rich and flavorful dish before the main course.

3) Offer up a warm and hearty soup.

Because Easter can often times come at a time during the year when it is still very cold and windy, offering guests a warm bowl of soup is an excellent choice for another appetizer or side. Try adding traditional Chinese soup like Wonton, Hot and Sour, or Egg Drop, to add to your Easter menu. Adding these soups to your Easter men will definitely make your holiday warm and tasty!

4) Add a second entree.

Adding a second entree gives your guests the opportunity of choice. It also makes it easier on you as the host of the party, to try and whip up some last-minute dish for those who don’t like turkey. To do this, simply choose a different meat, such as pork chops, then watch or read how to make juicy oven pork chops with a German beer-based marinade. This will give your other dishes a new flavor to combine with that will surely please your guests.

5) Spice it up with dessert.

Every holiday meal should come with a final dish, something sweet and savory for your guests to really end the night with. That’s why desserts are the common choice to end the night. Try offering some rich almond cake topped with whipped cream, or something more unusual like Semlor Buns filled with milk custard and almonds – sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!  Adding these unique elements will make this year’s Easter menu one that none of your guests will forget. 

The Takeaway

Don’t let this Easter be dull with your menu. Combine traditional dishes with fun new sides and flavors to your Easter moue, and you will end up creating an unforgettable feast. With these recipes in hand, you can make this year’s celebration one that your guests won’t soon forget.  So get cooking and have fun creating unique dishes that reflect the global world we live in today.

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