How To Get Paid To Play Mobile Games As A Mom

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If you need a side hustle that brings in extra money, and you want to try something fun, then you should learn how to get paid to play mobile games. Here’s how!

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Being a work-at-home mom has become increasingly common in today’s increasingly technological age, and it’s quite intimidating. Alongside the responsibilities and worries of being a regular mom, they also have to stress over how to pay the bills from home.

However, a rising trend of “gamer moms” has slowly been making waves. These moms play video games and get paid to do so. While that may sound exciting, make no mistake. Being a gamer mom still has its fair share of struggles and worries. Still, with the right mindset and work ethic, it could be a great way to earn cash.

Why Is Mobile Gaming So Monetizable Now?

The days of gaming being seen as nothing more than a hobby are long gone. Even as early as the mid-2000s, people have found ways to get paid for playing games online.  YouTube in particular opened the floodgates for content creators to make money by playing video games as entertainment. 

As this practice rose, it coincided with the explosion of smartphone growth among the masses. Nowadays, every single person has a gaming device on them at all times. This phenomenon has created a huge market for mobile games. Mobile games can be easily monetized through in-app purchases, where players can buy virtual goods or upgrades to enhance their gaming experience.

Gamer Gigs To Earn Cash

Much like any industry, there’s quite a diverse range of options for work-at-home moms to make their money while gaming. Working from home as a gamer allows moms to be great teachers for their kids while still finding time for cash on the side. 

Let’s Plays

Let’s Plays are commonly misunderstood as not “needing much effort” but most people who attempt to break into the field nowadays quickly realize that liking video games isn’t enough. They have to be able to provide viewers with something they don’t get from other streamers, whether that’s their skill in video games or being entertaining.

Let’s Plays can either be moderately edited and cut down, or streamed live and then posted as a video-on-demand on whatever platform you choose.  In any case, this is the most popular and visible way to earn money from gaming. That said, it’s one of the hardest fields to break into, due to oversaturation. 

Paid App Sites

For those not looking to break into the entertainment side of gaming, they could give paid gaming sites a shot. These websites typically offer free-to-play games with ads but promise a reward when played well. It’s important to look for paid gaming sites with a good reputation. A big danger for these sites is when they start charging for more “tries”.

After a while, paying for those tries starts becoming a net loss. You must be sure to have complete trust in your skills if you plan on paying for a side gig. Consistently losing and trying again for these sites is practically gambling, which is hardly a sustainable source of income. Instead, play it smart by using powerups and taking advantage of free promos. 

Virtual Marketplace

Some mobile games offer in-app purchases, where you can buy virtual goods or upgrades to enhance your gaming experience. Oftentimes, they’re just cosmetic, but sometimes, they genuinely change how you play the game. These rewards can then be sold on third-party markets for real money.

You can earn money by playing these games and completing the tasks, then selling the virtual goods or upgrades you’ve earned. Some people even get really good at a certain multiplayer game and then sell their accounts to people who want to skip the grind of getting high-tier items. This is particularly common for mobile MMORPGs. 


With the rise of games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Call of Duty: Mobile, the mobile esports scene has gotten bigger and bigger in recent years. If you’re confident in your gaming skills, should consider participating in mobile gaming tournaments. In these tournaments, you’ll have the chance to compete against other players for some big cash prizes. Of course, there is usually a small entry fee to participate, but the rewards can be well worth it.

If there’s an online multiplayer mobile game you’re particularly skilled in, check around for any tournaments that might be going on. You never know when you could become the world’s best player in that game and start earning some serious money. There’s also the potential for sponsorships as an esports player, but that’s typically reserved for those at the top of the game’s hierarchy.

Can Gaming Be A Full-Time Career?

The short answer is yes, but with some major caveats. The long answer is that gaming is not a career that moms can expect to be stable. At the entry-level, it’s most definitely just a way to earn extra cash on the side. It is no replacement for a full-time salaried job unless the mom in question has extraordinary skills at marketing themselves, being a content creator, or winning esports tournaments.

It’s important to be realistic about the profit expectations of gaming. Paid gaming sites are great for extra pocket cash but not sustainable for breadwinners. Conversely, lets players and esports players have a potentially high earnings potential but need a lot of hard work and some luck to get their foot in the door. 


Earning cash from gaming is a great way to get that much closer to planning your ideal travel vacation with your family.  That said, it’s important to realize it’s primarily a supplement to your main source of income. It’s a way for stay-at-home moms with some free time to have fun and earn money while doing so.

The biggest mistake that any person can do is to go into this field with the intent of making it their full-time career. Take things slowly, pay attention to the latest trends, and you’ll be earning from games soon enough. Once you’ve gained more confidence, that’s when you can start looking for a way to make gaming your full-time job. 

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