The 5 Best Cities For Music Lovers To Visit

When you love music, it’s only natural to visit all the cities that offer up great music. Here are the 5 best cities in the world for music lovers to visit!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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For those who can’t picture a waking moment without music, you’ll enjoy visiting cities that offer up great music events, live or otherwise, full of artist signings and visits with some of the best unsung heroes of music.

Luckily, we know the feeling of wanting to jet out of wherever you are to find great music and fun. That’s why we put together this quick guide of the top 5 cities that all music lovers need to visit! Here they are:

#1 Liverpool, England

You might need a minute to adjust to the accent – but Liverpool is somewhere that you have to head to! The Beatles made their mark on this British city, and one of the coolest music events in the world happened here. 

The Liverpool International Music Festival happens here, and if you love The Beatles, then Beatleweek is a must! 

Take the Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour, and make sure you stop off at all of the famous sites – including Eleanor Rigby’s gravesite. 

#2 Berlin, Germany

Germany is the birthplace of some of the most experimental and industrial music around – not to mention being filled with cool people. Berlin has a firmly cemented reputation for being a hub for house music and incredible nightlife. 

And if you like to get deep into their lifestyle, then there are definitely worthy places where you can get experiences. And if you’re not into their ultra-techno music, they offer up some great and heavy guitar, and plenty of live music too. 

#3 Bethel Woods, NYC

If the 60s and Woodstock are your jam, then this 1960s music museum near NYC is an absolute must. The museum is home to both film and pictures from Woodstock of years gone by so that you can get a taste of the magnitude of it. 

And, if you were there – this is the perfect way to relive it. You can visit the historic site, too and enjoy the stunningly curated exhibits that are immersive and, of course, groovy. 

#4 Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville is where more than the world’s fair share of musicians have started. And, if they didn’t come from there – they are itching to get on a stage there. Nashville is known as Music City, and with good reason. No matter what type of music you like, you are going to have no trouble finding it here. 

You can catch live music every night of the week, and it’s not just blues and country you’ll find. And if there is one place you need to check out, it is Grimey’s New & Preloved Music and Books. They have signings and record releases from local artists and well-established ones, not to mention poetry readings and more. 

#5 Trinidad and Tobago

The home of Soca – music so enticing you will be hard-pushed not to spend your day swaying. The best time to head over is when the International Soca Monarch competition is – you’ll hear established and local Soca artists that will quite literally have you amazed!

In Conclusion

Music is a great way to relax the day away, to enjoy community with other like minded individuals, and to have a great time. So the next time you’re interested in heading somewhere, try visiting one of the cities in our list!

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