5 Energetic Songs You Need Right Now

Need to be motivated now? Have you tried music? If not, here are 5 energetic songs you need to add to your playlist right now!

by Kimberly Pangaro

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Wanna know what’s missing from your playlist? There are five energetic songs you need right now and I bet you haven’t heard them for a while.

Let’s face it. Monday’s suck. Tuesday’s are a drag. Wednesday’s are meh. Thursday’s and Friday’s are just gateways to our new, almost non-existent weekend plans.

Life always finds a way to kill our motivation, inspiration, and eliminate any desire to wake up feeling energetic. More than that, our desires to get fit and active are probably not at the top of our lists these days.

There aren’t many songs that cause the body to move, especially after being exhausted all day. But I managed to find a few that get the heart beat moving and the body swaying! Here are the 5 energetic songs that you probably don’t remember, definitely need, and should absolutely add to your playlist right now!

Warning! Accidental foot tapping and hip moving may occur.

Best Energetic Songs

Song #1 Whoomp! (There It Is) – by Tag Team

Song #2 Work It – by Missy Elliott

Song #3 Tambourine – by Eve

Song #4 You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – by Sylvester

Song #5 Dangerous – by Busta Rhymes

Stay tuned for more song lists that will get your blood pumping, and make you reminisce of the good ol’ days when your body felt like it could defy gravity.

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