La Paz, Bolivia Belongs On Everyone’s Must-Visit Travel List

If you have never considered traveling to South America, you’re missing out on one of it’s most iconic cities- La Paz, Bolivia. It belongs on your must-visit travel list! Here’s why.

by Kimberly Pangaro

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Amongst the verdant top-shelf tourist destinations in South America, the Bolivian city of La Paz is an absolute paradisiac for many romantics and outdoor buffs of late.

Not only is La Paz conveniently located amidst countless of Bolivia and Peru’s most exciting sites, but the de facto capital is also just the place to get your adventurous juices running. 

La Paz is known for its remarkable markets, including the famed Witches’ market, high altitude, and alluring nightlife. The city is chaotic, full of life, and boasts many modern and old-fashioned tourist attractions and activities. 

La Paz, Bolivia was named among the New Seven Wonder Cities of the world and had the longest and highest cable system globally, giving you beautiful views of the many vistas of the city. 

La Paz is located in the South West of Bolivia, with Lake Titicaca lying 42 miles in the South East. The city is an incredible and awe-inspiring 11,600 feet (3600 meters) above sea level, a remarkably high altitude that makes it the world’s highest capital city. 

As the plane lands at El Alto International Airport, the mesmerizing beauty of this unique, energetic, and the overwhelming city welcomes you with its urban stretch lying between snowcapped peaks of the Andes. 

Owing to its exciting views, urban and old-fashioned attractions, the high-altitude city of La Paz, Bolivia needs to be on everyone’s travel list. So grab your sweater, and join us as we explore the reasons why La Paz is a must-visit!

The Witche’s Market

Whether you are into superstition and sorcery or not, as long as you are the embodiment of an adventurous spirit, you will find something to fascinate you in this unusual setting. The Witches Market is peculiar and unique, with all kinds of colorful powders, seeds and various other things that will captivate you.  

If you have been reading about it, we must tell you that it is worth your time! Lookin for that extra bit of luck? The superstitious will find they can buy an alpaca fetus here to bury in the front yard for good luck. La Paz is famed for its many markets with affordable prices, and if one can only visit one market, it better be the Witches market.

Mi Teleferico Cable Car

Would you ride the world’s highest and longest cable car network? If you suffer from a fear of heights, this may not be for you! Mi Teleferico cable car is a relatively new form of transportation in La Paz. It was opened in 2014 and has grown from one active line to seven. 

Mi Teleferico offers some great views of the city, with most rides costing less than a U.S. dollar. While the cable car network was built with local transport in mind, the beauty of La Paz still shines through. 

Urban Rush

One thing you should know as you consider the city is that it is a good spot for adventure. Amongst the cities best-selling tourist experiences is the Urban Rush. Leap down the face of a 50 foot wall for a death-defying experience! Don’t worry, it’s extra safe!

Highest golf course in the world

Harness your love for golf at the world’s highest golf course. Located at 11,000 ft. (3,342) above sea level, La Paz Golf Club is the highest grassy golf course in the world! You may not want to miss the chance of a lifetime to play at this uniquely located golf course.

Rock climbing

If you are a lover of rock climbing, La Paz is the place to be. The city boasts hundreds of sport and traditional climbing routes that do not need you to get out. Instead, be sure to head to the Iglesia Amor de Dios to reach the many walking trails and walking routes.

Calle Jaen

While La Paz is mainly a modern city, it still boasts some historical treasures like Calle Jean for those fascinated with colonial times. Calle Jaen is one of the well-preserved colonial streets of the town with colorful buildings and a 1700’s ambiance. So be sure to take a stride through this historic street and maybe grab a cup of coffee. 

San Pedro Prison

One of the exciting things that make La Paz city a must-visit is the San Pedro prison. It is one of the strangest prisons in the world. The prison is a society in itself, with prisoners doing business, renting accommodation and living with their families and those without means. While tourists are no longer allowed inside tours, the prison can be viewed from the outside. You might catch a glimpse of women or children visiting their incarcerated relatives inside the prison or returning from school and working outside the prison.

Muela del Diablo

This landscape in the city of La Paz, Bolivia is also known as “Devil Tooth,” “Chris,” or “Christopher.” Muela del Diablo is a rock formation in the city. If you love hiking, then this is the destination for you. The rock actually looks like a tooth.


La Paz is known to have one of the best nightlifes globally. The town boasts several cozy pubs, open all night long, with party music and revealers out to party. Its nightlife is an absolute hedonic paradise. (Be sure to check out their covid regulations, as some night clubs and bars may be temporarily closed.)

Go back in time

If you love to defy the laws of nature every once in a while, then La Paz needs to be on your travel list. The numbers on the clock opposite the Bolivian house count the other way round, starting at twelve. If you read them clockwise, they will count down instead of up. Interesting right? The clock looks like a mistake! However, its point was to encourage the locals to think creatively.

Bonus: Uyuni Salt Flats

While this location is not actually in La Paz, it is worth your time to see such a majestic natural landscape. Take a Toyota 4×4 expedition tour and check out each part of this area in style. Here’s a local guide that is highly rated on Trip Advisor.

The Takeaway

Out of all of the cities in the world to visit, La Paz, Bolivia should be a must-visit on your travel list! That’s because not many people have it on their travel bucket lists. And because of this, the travel there will be less packed than any other tourist destination. Start your planning now and have a fantastic journey!

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