Top Gifts For Moms That They Actually Want And Need

Gifts for moms should be thoughtful, and there’s nothing better than giving gifts to make life easier! Here’s our list of the top gifts for moms!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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No mom is the same when it comes to their likes and dislikes, but we can all agree on one thing, moms can use a bit of ease and better function in their day-to-day lives. This means that the gifts you ought to give her should make her life so much easier.

With moms in mind and all the hard work they do, here’s our list of the top gifts to give to moms. There even might be a few in here to make your life easier, too!

#1 Robot Vacuum

After everything moms do, no mom wants to lug a heavy vacuum around the house or under the table or up the stairs just to clean the inevitable crumbs left by the children. Give moms a break by gifting them a robot vacuum. It doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, some of the no-name brands on Amazon work just as well as the more expensive brands.

Our Choice:

#2 Robot Window Cleaner

Most moms clean their home’s windows just as spring begins. And don’t get tricked, it may look easy, but is definitely not. Window cleaning is time consuming and can truly strain arms, core muscles, and the back. Depending on how many windows there are, could take upwards of two days to finish to the job. So, why not give moms an automatic window cleaner and make life so much simpler!

Our Choice:

#3 Robot Mop

Again with the back breaking work! Mopping floors is one of those jobs where, depending on the floors, can be simple or tedious, causing moms to get on their hands and knees to really scrub them clean. The next time you see glistening floors, have a heart, and give a mom a robot mop.

Our Choice:

#4 Auto Lawn Mower

Some moms have busy partners that rarely get to the lawn, while other moms waste countless dollars on pricey landscapers, and then there are of course other moms who have no choice but to take care of their lawns on their own. With said, having the ability to mow the lawn without physically having to be present is a marvel and huge time saver for moms. And that’s why this tech-savvy Auto Lawn Mower made our top gift list!

Our Choice:

#5 Air Purifier

If you’ve been to any mother’s house, you can admit that their homes usually smell good. That’s not by accident. That’s done with care and hard work. Moms walk around their homes constantly sniffing furniture, pillows, curtains, bed sheets, bathrooms, walls, refrigerators, garbages, and more. The first sign of a bad odor, moms take care of business! We don’t mess around with nasty smells, but this can also be time consuming and the chemicals used to make the house smell good are harmful to lungs. So, to help moms out, be sure to gift them an Air Purifier as it’ll help keep their homes from collecting moisture or moldy smells.

Our Choice:

#6 Indoor Plant Grower

Most moms will tell you they’ve always wanted to grow their own food, but aren’t too good at gardening. The ones that are good at gardening, still want to garden in the winter. So, what better way to help every mom than by gifting them an indoor plant tower, where they can plant whatever they want and watch it grow indoors. The trick to buying this gift successfully, is finding one that is hydroponic or self-watering.

Our Choice:

#7 Crockpot

Okay, this one made our list because after more than 50 years, it is still a wondrous time saver for people everywhere- moms especially! With all of the back and forth that moms do, getting dinner on the table isn’t always something that happens. Having a crock pot helps moms do this effectively, efficiently, and on-time without the requirement of being physically present. So if you really want to make her life easier, gift her a crock pot!

Our Choice:

#8 Espresso Machine

What mom doesn’t need caffeine in their life? If you’ve met one, take a picture because it’s rare that a mom doesn’t need caffeine to survive their child-filled daily tasks. Not to mention, if the moms you know have babies or toddlers, their sleep routine is definitely out of whack, so those moms are in desperate need of a caffeine boost. So give the moms you know, the gift of espresso- a high-octane dose of caffeine in a tiny cup that will give every mom the energy they need to survive their motherly days.

Our Choice:

#9 A Weekend Getaway

No matter what gifts you decide to get for moms, the best gift any mom could receive is a weekend away, on her own, to rest and recuperate from all that she does. One day isn’t enough, and more than 4 or 5, could result in more work for her when she gets back. Give her a good 3 day weekend, without phone calls or texts asking where the kids’ [ insert whatever product you can’t find here] is.

Our Location Choice:

Wherever the kids are not.

The Takeaway

Moms do a lot. They take care of pretty much everything and everyone around them, even if you don’t realize it. So the best gifts for moms everywhere, will simply make her life easier. Keep that in mind when you start your shopping. Good luck!

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