How To Encourage Friends & Family To Get Moving

Get your friends & family off the couch with these simple yet effective tips to help them get moving and improve their overall health.

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Sometimes we hear family members and friends complain about their health and fitness, often touting the latest trend in exercise and motivation. While that’s good to help, it’s not the best way to stay inspired to keep up with the routine. Sometimes people need more support from us. That’s where this guide will come in.

Here you will learn how to get everyone moving so you can help to shed the pounds while giving your family and friends healthy habits for the future.

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Be a Role Model

The first thing you need to focus on is being a role model for your friends and family. The healthy habits you have in place are motivators for friends and family to follow in your footsteps. If your kids see you being active and having fun then they are far more likely to be active themselves. If your friends and family see you being successful on your fitness journey, then they are more likely to come to you for inspiration. Being the role model for others is a great way to help everyone you know get moving and to stay healthy.

Use Exercise as Transportation

Whenever you have the chance, you need to walk and move. Whether that’s while dropping your kids to school or riding bikes to visit a friend or taking hikes in nature.┬áBelieve it or not, little things like this can help you give your family the support that they need, and it can also build some very good habits for the future.

Involve Everyone

Make sure that you do what you can to involve family and friends in your fitness journey. This is one of the best ways for you to help people get inspired to build their own exercise habits. You can ask a family member to join your morning jogs or you can have a friend sign up to martial arts classes with you. Family walks in nature are also great options. Just make sure you get some thermal socks for men, women and kids, so you can make sure that everyone can keep their feet dry on those walks.

Focus on Fun

People of all ages love to have fun. They are far more likely to practice exercising if they can do an activity that they love. The good news is that there are a ton of fun exercises you can do with family and friends. You can try white water rafting or kayaking or even scuba diving. You can go rock climbing or mountain biking or even try adult pole dancing classes. The more variation you include in your exercises, the better and more fun exercising will become.

Make it a Social Activity

Don’t be shy. Ask your family members and friends to join you in the fitness activity you have planned. Be sure to join them when they ask you. When exercise becomes a social activity, people tend to stick with it. It becomes more of a benefit than not, and that’s because engaging with others is fun.

Give Gifts

You can motivate your family members to get moving by offering gifts or rewards for each fitness goal they achieve. Whether it’s gift cards to Amazon or cash rewards, you can help keep people motivated to maximizing their fitness goals with these small wins.

In Conclusion

Sometimes eating healthy and staying motivated to keep moving can be difficult. This is why we often need support systems and methods of inspiration to keep us going. Our future health and fitness goals can easily achieved with just a bit creative support!

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