North Jersey’s Best Coffee Shops To Chill In

Discover the best coffee shops in North Jersey! Indulge in the cozy ambiance, aromatic brews, and a chill vibe at these top-notch coffee shops.

by Kimberly Pangaro

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Brew-tiful mornings and cozy afternoons await at these North Jersey coffee shops! Whether you’re a latte lover, cappuccino connoisseur, or simply seeking a serene spot to sip your favorite brew, these delightful cafes have got you covered.

Indulge in the aromatic symphony of freshly roasted beans and tantalizing pastries that will tickle your taste buds. These coffee shops aren’t just about the drinks—they are havens of creativity, community, and inspiration.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy corner to read a book, catch up with friends, or dive into some work, these coffee shops offer the perfect blend of comfort and charm. From whimsical decor to friendly baristas, you’ll find the perfect ambiance to chill, unwind, and fuel your caffeine cravings.

So, come on in, find your favorite nook, and let the magic of North Jersey’s best coffee shops enchant you with every sip!

North Jersey’s Best Coffee Shops

Before I dive into the list, I want to share that they are not listed in any specific order. I did that on purpose, and it’s because they are all so amazing I just couldn’t decide which was my favorite.

I’ve visited dozens of places throughout North New Jersey and looked for a specific energy and vibe coming from the different coffee shops. Every single coffee shop I chose offers great energy, a sensation you can lose yourself in, great comfort food, excellent service, and obviously, superb coffee!

Trend Coffee & Tea House, Montclair

Enter a world away when you visit this little nook of a coffee shop! Surrounded by beautiful dark wood, eclectic tunes to spark creativity, and a menu of teas and coffees to seduce you out of your comfort zone, Trend Coffee & Tea House hits the head right on the nail for what a cozy coffee shop is all about!

Upon entering, you’ll think you entered a small-historic building only to find yourself wowed by the sheer size as the halls continue into a much larger backroom where you’ll find all kinds of creators and artists jazzing away with coffee in hand. When you visit, you must absolutely try to the chocolate chai tea latte or the CBD infused juices! Plus, this place also houses different events such as live music and features various artists’s work, making this location a fantastic coffee shop to get lost in!

Erie Coffeeshop & Bakery, Rutherford

Known to the locals as the best little cafe to stop in at, its aesthetic is visually appealing to all the senses. With a seasonally changing menu to their creative recipes for sweet treats and decadent cakes, there’s no shortage of wow-factor here at the Erie Coffee Shop and Bakery!

This little cafe made the list because of the friendly atmosphere the owner/mom showers her customers with, the amazingly delicious food offered, and the sheer quality of service! Want to try a real treat? When the menu offers these two, be sure to order them: pecan carrot cream cheese muffin and the chocolate dulce de leche cake. Your tastebuds will thank you!

bwè kafe, Hoboken

A community local would tell you that bwè kafe is a welcome retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Washington Street! Known for its cute decor, sidewalk tables in the spring and summer months, and a host of various coffee concoctions, this little coffee shop provides a community vibe all on its own!

Sit and sip and watch the coffee shop come to life with the many patrons that visit here. Meet new friends, try their latest drinks like “the twins” Lavender Cold Brew Latte and Blueberry Cold Brew Latte , and you’ll find yourself wanting to stay here all day.

Le Salbuen Cafe, Montlair

Tucked away on Walnut Street, just before the brewery, is this quaint little cafe. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. In fact, I’ve walked passed this baby numerous times without entering. It comes off like it’s an art gallery or perhaps a store of some sort. It’s only because of a very windy and cold day that I wandered into this locale, and I was astonished!

Filled with artsy decor that takes you to an entirely other place, this coffee shop makes you feel like you’re in another part of the world. Portuguese in their food offerings, with scintillating vibes of art meets coffee, the cafe dining experience here is uniquely different. To be honest, whilst dining here I had this sudden feeling like a world-famous artist could walk in at any moment – that’s just the vibe it gives!

When you visit here, you’d be wise to order the organic goat cheese, Italian fig paste & organic bacon & French Sea Salt Caramel Latte – they’re very tasty together!

Red Kettle Coffee House, East Rutherford

When this coffee shop opened, I was surprised it survived through the pandemic. It’s in a location that several other businesses had closed their doors previously, which is why I became curious to check out how it succeeded. On one of my adventures, I decided to stop in for a bit of java, and I was pleasantly enthused.

Here’s why: this coffee shop offers a unique approach to positive coffee house vibes! With their wall to wall built in book shelf offering a “give one, take one” library of various titles, the friendly owner who greets you like your family, their interior lounge-like energy, and outdoor nook for patio sipping, you almost forget that you’re in a shop and not at home. I’ve found that I can sit here for hours, losing myself in their Mocha Lattes with oat milk, and never feeling like I have to leave. It’s a great energy to write here, meet friends, and feel a sense of belonging.

Cafe, Hasbrouck Heights

Deliciously hidden amongst the many shops on Valley Boulevard, this little coffee gem is a vibrant welcome! It comes equipped with cute decor, mind-calming music, sweet and savory pastries, and unique coffee beverages that will delight your taste buds.

This top coffee shop offers all of the comforts you’d expect in a coffee house: free wi-fi, cozy tables to work and sip, and friendly staff who know to leave you alone while you sip away with a book in hand. It’s the perfect quiet space to work and be a java head in all at once, although, it may not be a well-kept secret for much longer as it continues to gain popularity!

Toros, Montclair

While technically not a coffee house, Toros made this list for its flavorful Turkish coffee, delicious desserts, and a destination-like ambiance, ultimately providing a superbly rich cafe ambiance!

Styled with authentic Turkish decor and a warm glow from their impeccable lighting, while here, you will get the feeling that you are truly drinking coffee abroad. It is because of this that I chose to add it to the list of top locations to sip coffee, write a story, read new adventures, and even fall in love with yourself. In case you happen to be out and about on a beautiful day, be sure to take a seat in their outdoor patio – it’s a whole different experience and one to cherish!

In Conclusion

I travel a lot for my work as a blogger and that means I often need a lot of coffee! And because of this, I have gotten to eat and drink in some of the most amazing places that are not on anyone’s radar. Some places listed above were even empty when I entered them… for a writer, a creator, and an artist, these places are havens for the mind. I hope you’ll support these local businesses on your next adventure out!

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If you happen to be a restaurant in need of an honest review, be sure to email me at and make a request for me to stop in and experience your location.

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