Decorating Your Mini Me’s Bedroom: Everything You Need to Do

Want to create the perfect bedroom for your mini me? You can start decorating their bedroom with this detailed guide!

by Erika Robertson

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Build a sense of autonomy for your child by creating a top-notch cozy space that grows with them. While the rest of the house belongs to the family unit, your mini-me’s room is a place for them to escape and wind down so they can show their true self.

We’ll help you make it just right by following a few key rules of thumb. Here’s everything you need to do to decorate your mini-me’s bedroom and make it the perfect escape they need to create and thrive.

1. Choose a Theme

The first thing you need to do is choose a theme. If your child is older, they can help give input on this part of the process. For your newborn or toddler, you can guide them toward surroundings that are perfect for them. Here are some popular bedroom themes that stand the test of time:

  • A space theme complete with planets and stars could be perfect for your child’s room
  • Decorate your child’s room with a safari theme and help encourage an adventurous spirit
  • Rainbows and clouds for your little one’s imaginative mind
  • Magic — we’re talking Harry Potter and Wednesday Addams galore
  • Camping complete with tents, campfires, and the great outdoors!

Choosing a theme helps you guide the decorating process. Now let’s look at all those perfect spots that help make the space warm and inviting.

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2. Create Cozy Reading Corners

Every kid should have a sweet place to cozy up with a good book. Luckily, it’s easy to come up with the perfect comfy reading corner in a room of any size or shape. Here are some creative ways you can create a simple reading space:

  • Choose a corner and integrate a fancy canopy over a beanbag chair or seating of child’s choosing
  • Install a bright reading spot by placing a cozy couch or chaise lounge near the natural light of a window
  • Hang out in an indoor hammock
  • Create a hideaway under some steps or in a closet for the perfect escape if the room’s shape allows

Our biggest tip is to work with the room you’ve got, no matter what shape or size it is. Choose the reading nook that works best in that particular space. We also love these stuffed farm animals as reading buddies to add the finishing touch!

3. Make a Vibrant Feature Wall

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The days of borders have passed. Feature walls are the newest trend, and they can be used to create a space that will grab your attention right as you walk in the door. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen feature walls used in children’s bedrooms:

  • Use a wall to match your theme with a lovely display of mountains, cityscapes, or starry skies across a main focal point in the room
  • Use simple designs like chevrons, spirals, polka dots, or stripes that will grow with your child as they mature
  • Wallpaper can be placed just on one wall to create a different look

We’ve seen everything from chalk to fancy shelves laid out in just the right way to make your mini-me’s room the most inviting space!

4. Think Top to Bottom

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When you’re designing a look that will grow with your child, every attention to detail is essential from top to bottom. Ceiling art or hanging decor is just as important as what your feet touch. Here are some finishing touches you shouldn’t ignore in your bedroom design. 

  • Add character to the space and drape canopies over the bed or a sophisticated mobile or wind chime that will gently move in the breeze of an open window
  • We love slip-resistant, kid-friendly rugs for an extra sense of security
  • Use floating shelves to display favorite Lego sets, toys, or art projects

You’ll enhance your room with just the right attention to detail.

5. Use Creative Storage Space

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In any children’s room, things can become cluttered over time as toys and other items are gifted, and your child develops their own unique character and interests. So think ahead — how will you display and store these items so they don’t take over the entire space? Here are some creative storage ideas we love:

  • Use a classic wooden toy box or under-the-bed storage for stuffies and soft toys
  • Add built-in bookshelves to closet spaces or corners if space allows
  • Use cube storage that can be moved around and changed to rearrange items in different ways 

Most parents come up with their own way to rotate toys and special trinkets, so get creative and develop a system that works for you and your child.

Now that your mini-me has a perfectly-designed bedroom, sit back and relax. You’ll love every second of watching your child grow and become the amazing person they are meant to be!

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