5 Natural Ways To Cure Colic In Babies

Discover these natural remedies to effectively cure colic in babies. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and soothe your little one with these safe and gentle methods.

by Kimberly Pangaro

The opinions in this post are from a mother of four and not a doctor. Please be sure to speak with your doctor about any thing in this post prior to trying it on a baby. Additionally, this post contains affiliate links. To learn more about affiliate links and how they work, please read our Affiliate Disclaimer HERE.

Babies who suffer from colic are in severe pain and discomfort. In turn, this creates a fussy baby, who won’t strop crying, and nothing you do will console them. As this continues, a mother will feel several emotions including failure, stress, exhaustion, and even anger.

Relax mamas!

These feelings are 100% normal for moms to feel and that’s because moms do their very best to soothe our little ones.

Regardless though, your baby is in the thick of it, and will continue to feel pain and terrible discomfort if not treated. That’s why I’m sharing my 3 tips on how to cure colic in babies naturally – tried and tested on all four of my daughters and one niece.

If you decide to use my tips, you may notice a baby feeling better, less gassy, perhaps even happy and getting better sleep.

So, without further adieu, here’s what I used to help cure the colic in my babies. Hopefully, these tips will help you defeat the colic in your babies, too!

#1 Mommy’s Bliss Original Gripe Water

The best gripe water on the market, it is only made with the best organic ingredients– 100% vegan ingredients and completely free from artificial colors and flavors, sucrose, gluten, dairy, yeast, dill, soy, petroleum based by-products, parabens, alcohol, and free of the top eight allergens.

With a 5 start rating on Amazon from over eleven thousand reviewers, this gripe water really is a game changer. While most gripe water products say not to use them until your baby is at least one month old, this particular brand touts it as being safe for an infant as young as two weeks old. When my second baby experienced extreme colic, I was forced to find alternative products that worked, as other OTC gripe waters weren’t working at all. After just using this for a day, her colic was completely gone. And this is why I added this to the list of great ways to cure colic!

#2 The Colic Hold

mother holding crying baby
Photo by Antoni Shkraba: https://www.pexels.com/photo/mother-holding-crying-baby-6134675/

Exactly like in the photo above, you’ll want to place your baby in your arms, face down, in a rocking position. Place one hand on their tummy, and gently sway your body back and forth while in the rocking position. As you rock the baby slowly, back and forth, begin to rub the belly in a circular motion. The combination of these two actions does something calming to your little one: (1) it helps the gas move more efficiently to be passed, and (2) like a shark, sends your baby into a calm bliss.

When my fourth daughter was born, she was born with several issues, including digestive problems. I refused to breast feed her because I was on so many medications and didn’t want to risk them being transferred into her.

On top of that, she seemed to be allergic to several formulas including the ones that were supposedly best for those with allergies. Needless to say, in every situation, she was affected by terrible colic pains and I was bombarded with the inability to soothe her, until I used this exact style of movement with her. It didn’t work as fast as gripe water did with my other babies, but after about half a day of on and off motions like this, her colic did dissipate and by the next morning, she was the happy little baby I knew her to be.

#3 Warm Water Bath Soak

Warm water is a known natural healer. It helps relieve pain, and calms the senses. And for colicky babies, a soak in a warm bath will help the gas begin to pass. This is not a quick fix, and may need to be repeated often. However, it is an effective method, completely natural, and has been used for centuries.

To do this in an effective manner, fill your baby’s bathtub with luke warm water. The water must not be too hot or too cool, or you could end up hurting your little one. Once the water temperature is just right, place your baby in the bathtub. Ensure that the water does not go above the chest. This is to prevent water injuries. Now, as you supervise, allow your baby to soak its belly in the warm water. You can massage the belly as an added measure of comfort. Allow your little one wiggle their legs as much as they want, because the more movement a baby has, the more likely the digestive tract will loosen allowing your baby to pass gas peacefully.

#4 Check Your Nipples

An often overlooked culprit, bottle nipples and even boob nipples can be the cause of a baby’s colic. This is due to any air seeping into the baby’s mouth during feedings. Many lactation consultants or doctors/nurses may tell you it’s an adjustment period. And for the most part they’re right, but only you know your baby in and out. They’re providing you with generic all-around advice that might work on a lot of babies and just not yours. So, when you go to feed your baby, be sure to check how she’s latching on. Is it a full latch or half latch? Is the bottle nipple too slow in flow or too fast? Once you start to recognize what’s behind the colic, you can rectify and readjust so that baby gets back to doing what’s best- being a happy baby!

#5 Change the Type of Food

To cure colic in babies, a parent must look at all the possible culprits and this includes breast milk. Though this might come off as controversial, a colicky baby could be caused by the type of food being given.

Many moms want to breast feed their babies as it is the most natural method and often touted as the best, but many moms forget what they’re putting into their own bodies and what we absorb can affect our breast milk. The same goes for store bought formula. If the formula being purchased is lacking the right ingredients or is not sufficient in organic matter, a baby could experience colic and other health issues. So, take notice of what you’re feeding the baby whether indirectly or directly, and adjust accordingly.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to suffer sleepless nights and constant bouts of crying from your little one due to colic. Every tip above I have used personally to cure colic in my own babies and have achieved success for each one. I’m not saying you definitely have to and I am not a doctor, but the tips above did help. So from one mom to all the other moms, I hope that the colic tips above help you along on your baby journey!

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