Fashion Mistakes For Dads To Avoid

When it comes to fashion, there are certain fashion mistakes dads should do well to avoid. Here’s a few easy tips to guide your fashion journey!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Fashion mistakes happen all the time. Especially when it comes to dads just trying to make it through work and their parenting journeys. Don’t stress fellow dads, your fashion sense is about to get a makeover.

In today’s guide, we’re delving into the common fashion mistakes that dads often become prey to. We’re going to list what not to do, so the next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, you’ll know exactly what not to wear. So get ready to go through your closet and drawers! Let’s get started with the exact fashion mistakes to avoid.

#1 Only wearing T-Shirts

When it comes to what dads generally wear on their top half, if it isn’t a long-sleeved shirt to go to the office in or a smart function, then it is most likely going to be a plain old t-shirt of some kind. Wearing a t-shirt is super comfortable and can be worn with pretty much anything including the fancier options like suits and tuxes. The fashion mistake that many dads make is wearing old t-shirts that either do not go with the outfit, do not lift the outfit to a higher status, or have lost their form.

You can up your fashion game by adding men’s twill shirts to your wardrobe. And to add a bit of personal style, you can also add a few graphic tees to go with your jeans, and under your suits. These are great choices to keep your fashion comfy!

#2 Not Ironing Your Clothes

Although a lot of dads now take great pride in what they wear, and how they present themselves, there are still plenty making the fashion mistake of not ironing their clothes. The reason that this mistake is a lot more noticeable in men, as opposed to women, is because generally men’s clothing is made from much heavier, and thicker material. Therefore the creases do not fall away, unlike with thinner clothing items.

To avoid this fashion mistake, create a laundry plan where you set aside enough time to correctly wash, dry, iron, and put away all of your clothes. This way, whenever you put on any piece of clothing, you know you will look your best. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have this kind of dryer, you can opt to use the steam and wrinkly guard options on your dryer settings. This little hack might save you time.

#3 The Socks and Sandals Combo

For some dads, wearing socks and sandals together at the same time is a badge of fatherhood honor. But, it’s more of a fashion NO-NO! And while this might seem like common sense, many fathers have made this fashion faux pax a habit, and it’s not cute.

If this is a fashion mistake that you are guilty of, try going sockless with your sandals. Or you can opt to wear slip-on shoes instead. This way you can still be comfy and casual without looking silly.

#4 Clashing Colors

When it comes to creating outfits, dads often make mistakes with their color pallets. Whether it is from pairing colors that don’t match or complement each other, or simply using too much of the same color, wearing mismatching colors is a common mistake that happens to many. A little research on Google will help you discover images to help guide you towards better color use in your fashion choices. Try to make choices that go with your sense of style rather than what’s trending, as fashion trends tend to come and go.

#5 Wearing Clothes With Holes

Okay, this one is for the dads out there who have that 20 or 30 yr old shirt, shorts, or pants that have that old high school stink or worse, stench! Vintage clothes is great, and they’re even better when they haven’t lost their fit, function, and quality. Instead of heading out to the supermarket or day care pickup, leave the hole-filled clothes at home. We’re not saying to throw them out, just keep them to wear in the privacy of your home.

In Conclusion

You should not only make sure to avoid these common mistakes but also look into what fashion items every dad should own if you want to upgrade your fashion presence. Hopefully, with the tips above you’ll be able to avoid these fashion mistakes.

Good luck!

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