Anniversary Gifts: 8 Jewelry Pieces To Make The Heart Skip A Beat

Need help finding the perfect anniversary gift? Check out this guide on jewelry pieces that are sure to wow!

by Tess DiNapoli

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Congratulations on your anniversary! We know you’re looking for the best gift to give your partner, and we’re here to help you out. Below, we’ve rounded up the eight anniversary gifts that will make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Let’s begin!

1. Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are every girl’s best friend. That’s why this gemstone is perfect for a 10th or 60th anniversary, or anything else in between. A pair of diamond earrings is a classy choice, and so is a gold necklace with a diamond pendant. But when it comes to picking diamond jewelry, take a look at the 4Cs:

● Cut – how the facets reflect the light

● Clarity – how rare or pure the gemstone is

● Color – the natural shade that occurs in white diamonds

● Carat – the stone’s weight

While it’s best to pick the finest diamond jewelry that money has to offer, we recommend opting for a style that matches the diamond engagement ring you’ve given to your partner.

2. Gold Jewelry

While gold seems conventional, this metal is actually appropriate for a 1st, 30th, or 50th-anniversary milestone. Karats range from 22k to the lower 10k, 14k, and 18k. The higher the karat, the more expensive the gold is. That said, a higher number doesn’t necessarily mean better. For starters, 22k gold is hard to set with gemstones, so it’s a no-no if your partner loves having a rock on the finger (or ear.)

If you want to make your anniversary memorable, try to get a gift that’s outside the proverbial box. Instead of the usual round hoop, why not pick a geometric one?

Another option is to get a designer necklace. Most people do love branded items, after all! To get things right, you need to be mindful when choosing a gold necklace. If your partner is petite, choose a style that falls on or below their collarbone. But if your partner is taller, you can pick virtually any designer necklace that catches your eye.

3. Pearls

Pearl jewelry is the epitome of elegance. There’s no wonder why they’re sported by many late (and living) fashion icons, from Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn to Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. 

While a simple pearl earring or necklace would make for a great 3rd-anniversary gift, they’re perfect for any year celebration, as well. When purchasing pearls, consider the size. The 7 to 8 mm size range is highly recommended, though enormous 11-12 mm earrings (as famously sported by Angelina Jolie) are excellent choices, too.

If you want to take things up a notch, make sure to go for Tahitian cultured pearls. This type of pearl comes in a wide color range, from the traditional black to the more ‘toned down’ gray or brown. Remember: white pearls are good, but colored pearls are rarer, and therefore, better! 

4. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is another popular anniversary gift, especially if you’re celebrating your 25th year together. But even if you’ve spent less (or more) years with together, silver jewelry is ideal for those who exude that casual or contemporary vibe.

Sterling silver jewelry is cheaper compared to the other examples in this list, so we suggest going all out on your gift. Why not get a set of earrings or necklace encrusted with diamonds, pearls, or other precious gemstones?

Alternatively, you can get a complete set that includes a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, and anklet even! If they have a nose or belly ring, get those, too!

5. Sapphire Jewelry

5. Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire is one of the more sought-after stones. Some of the more popular examples include the St. Edwards and Stuart Sapphires, which are found on the British Crown Jewels. If the King’s crown gets this stone, then your partner should too.

Known for its crisp blue color, sapphire also comes in other styles, such as the particolored sapphire, pink sapphire, Padparadscha, and star sapphire.

This precious gemstone makes for a great anniversary gift not only because of its beauty but also because of its sturdiness. In fact, it scores a 9 (out of 10) on the Mohs Hardness Scale, coming only second to diamonds. 

Whether you choose a sapphire-encrusted earring, bracelet, or necklace, your partner will surely enjoy their royal-worthy present.

6. Platinum Jewelry

Gold and silver are great metal choices, but you should consider platinum, as well. For starters, it’s a highly-durable material that can withstand extreme weather changes. It won’t fade and tarnish despite repeated use, and it can be re-polished if-ever scratched.

This rare metal is also perfect for anyone who has allergies because it doesn’t have nickel which can trigger skin symptoms.

Despite its steep price, platinum jewelry’s excellent features make it a perfect gift for anniversaries and other special occasions. Get your partner a pair of earrings or a diamond-encrusted platinum ring, and their eyes will surely glimmer after opening their gift!

7. Art Deco-Style Jewelry

The above examples are classic choices, and your partner might not be that into them. In fact, if they love classic, stylized forms, then make sure to get them a piece (or more) of art deco jewelry.

Inspired by the 1920s style that first boomed in France, art deco symbolizes luxury and glamor. Indeed, these are two things you’d want your partner to feel during your anniversary.

When picking this type of jewelry, it’ll be better if you know what your partner wants. Do they love earrings, rings, or bangles? If you want their heart to skip a beat, we recommend you buy them a matching set!

8. Modern-Style Jewelry

Also known as contemporary jewelry, this is perfect for anyone whose styles reflect modern times. Popularized in the 1970s and 1980s, these baubles are heavily inspired by the Pop Art and Bohemian movements.

Although most modern jewelry doesn’t use precious metals and gemstones, many craftsmen do so. Make your partner’s heart skip multiple beats by gifting them a modern-style earring or necklace made of gold and diamonds.

In Conclusion

As you see, there are lots of precious jewelry pieces you can give to your partner for your anniversary. From conventional presents such as diamonds and gold to contemporary art deco and modern jewelry, these suggestions will surely tug on your partner’s heartstrings!

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