Designing a Functional and Stylish Kitchen: The Role of Plumbing

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Discover the importance of plumbing during your kitchen renovation. Get expert guidance on budgets, materials, and layout options.

by Laura Leavitt

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While a small facelift on a kitchen might mean simply adding snazzy new hardware and maybe replacing a backsplash, most kitchen renovation projects go quite a bit deeper. Projects could include changing the location of the sink and adding an island, rearranging or replacing appliances, adding cabinetry where there weren’t cabinets previously, and of course updates to lighting, floors, and color schemes.

With so many changes possible in a kitchen renovation, one of the professionals who you should consult with as you embark on a project is a trustworthy plumber. The plumber brings a lot of knowledge to the table, and by consulting them early in the planning phases of a kitchen renovation, you can avoid expensive re-dos of projects that could disrupt the beauty and function of your kitchen.

Consulting on Budgets and Code

When you embark on a kitchen remodel or renovation, you’ll quickly learn that two factors influence the budget. First, there are the many levels of complexity in your own requirements: the more rigid requests you have and the tighter your vision for your kitchen, the higher the budget typically needs to be. Second, there’s the material realities: while there is always the option of adding on to a home in an entirely new addition, once you opt to work with existing home footprint, you’re immediately limited by the home’s electric, plumbing, and space. 

Your contractors will be able to help you begin envisioning a kitchen that is both safe and functional while meeting your goals for updates and looking more stylish and attractive. A plumber who evaluates your early plans can give you a variety of help, including noting how moving plumbing relevant structures like sinks and refrigerators will impact your current plumbing system. Their guidance might simply be that a given choice will add expenses, but in some cases, plumbing code could be violated or a proposed aspect of the remodel could create dangers. In both cases, an experienced plumber will help you opt for both an economical option and options that will pass inspections. 

Understanding Options for Materials and Reliability

If you continue to consult with a plumber during the process, they can also help with understanding certain materials. For instance, a large and heavy farmhouse sink will strain your cabinetry differently than a basic stainless steel sink, and it’s wise to know the reputation for any of your particular finishes when it comes to potential leaks and wear and tear. This knowledge will help you select reputable brands that the plumber hasn’t been called out to fix multiple times over. 

Plumbers also have a better idea than most on what finishes truly stand the test of time. They’ve visited homes all over your area and have an idea of what kinds of sinks, faucets, and plumbing do well in this particular environment and which ones are constantly dealing with leaks and other trouble. If you’re still deciding between potential materials and finishes, run those ideas by them. 

Offering Layout Options to Minimize Plumbing Complexity

While you might have made a plan early on that reflects a budget-conscious design that will most likely pass inspection, there are often unexpected discoveries when one starts remodeling the home. If the plumber stays involved when plans change, they may be able to offer options that keep your plumbing system from being needlessly complex, helping you tie any new elements into the current system seamlessly. If they have a reason to add complexity, they can usually explain what benefits you’ll gain from those elements as well. 

Plumbing Forms a Foundation 

While you might imagine that the “design element” that plumbing plays in a kitchen is related to whether you choose brushed nickel, stainless steel, or bronze faucets, but it really goes much deeper. Having a plumber’s insight along the way will keep your budget in control, helping you spend on the colors, styles, and accents that will spark joy when you walk into your kitchen. Plumbers will save you money by guiding you toward a structural plan that keeps your plumbing system able to pass inspections and easy to maintain over time. They’ll also help you tell the difference between a trendy finish and a finish that will be a cornerpiece of your kitchen for decades to come. Make the most of having a plumber’s expertise and get their insight on every aspect of your kitchen remodel’s plumbing. 

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