20+ Trendy Baby Names Inspired by Fashion Designers

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Discover 20+ trendy baby names inspired by renowned fashion designers. Choose a unique and fashionable name for your little one with this guide!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Are you almost at the time to give birth? Looking for the perfect baby name and not sure what to choose? Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is a fun and challenging task. After all, a name carries with it a personality, an identity, and in many ways, a destiny.

Don’t stress naming your little one, there is plenty of inspiration around every corner. One exciting place to look for a baby name is in the world of fashion. Fashion designers, with their innovation and artistic flair, carry names that evoke elegance, creativity, and sophistication. In this baby naming guide, we’ll explore 20+ trending baby names inspired by renowned fashion designers from around the world.

Why Choose a Fashion-Inspired Name?

Fashion is a universal language that transcends borders. Designers from different cultures contribute to a global aesthetic, which means their names often carry a sense of of uniquely individual flare. And as an added bonus, fashion designers are creators, innovators, and influencers—traits that any parent would be happy for their child to possess. This is why choosing trendy baby names from the iconic fashion designers of the world make sense!


1. Karl – Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, this name has German roots and signifies “free man.”

2. Ralph – Ralph Lauren gives this name a timeless yet preppy feel.

3. Giorgio – A traditional Italian name that brings to mind Giorgio Armani’s elegance.

4.Marc – Derived from Marc Jacobs, it’s a name that resonates with trendy style.

5. Yves – Yves Saint Laurent inspires this distinctively French name that means “young.”

6. Calvin – Thanks to Calvin Klein, this name has a modern, minimalist appeal.

7. Donatello – This Italian name, inspired by Donatella Versace, is melodic and dramatic.

8. Tom – Simple and chic, just like Tom Ford’s designs.

9. Halston – Inspired by Roy Halston Frowick, this name evokes a minimalist and clean sense much like his designs of the 1970s.


1. Coco – This iconic name pays homage to Coco Chanel, the epitome of timeless fashion.

2. Vera – Vera Wang has made this name synonymous with bridal elegance.

3. Diane – Inspired by Diane von Fürstenberg, this name is classy and strong.

4. Donatella – A name that evokes Italian glamour, thanks to Donatella Versace.

5. Vivienne – Vivienne Westwood gives this name an edgy yet vintage flair.

6. Miuccia – A unique Italian name inspired by Miuccia Prada.

7. Oscar – A unisex name made famous by Oscar de la Renta, it has a Latin charm.

8. Stella – Stella McCartney lends a modern and celestial feel to this name.

9. Carla – Named for fashion icon Carla Zampetti, this name lends a classically bold feel just like this designer’s work.


1. Valentino – Glamorous yet masculine, inspired by the Italian designer.

2. Tory – A modern and versatile name thanks to Tory Burch.

3. Lee – Alexander McQueen’s real first name is a straightforward yet stylish option.

4. Laurent – This name, inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, can be adapted for all genders.

5. Thierry – A perfect fusion of culture and pop, this name evokes the same feel as the fashion designer’s iconic looks of the 1980s.

Cultural Flavors in Fashion Names

French elegant names like Chanel, Yves, and Laurent evoke a sense of French sophistication. These names can offer a touch of supreme luxury to your child’s identity.

Italian names like Giorgio, Miuccia, and Donatella are melodious and ooze old world glamour. They capture the essence of Italian fashion—opulent, dramatic, and luxurious.

American names such as Calvin, Marc, and Ralph convey a sense of American pragmatism mixed with style. They’re modern and to-the-point, yet entirely fashionable.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Fashion-Inspired Name

Meaning Matters: While the sound of the name is crucial, understanding its meaning can give it extra significance.

Popularity Check: Some names might be trendy now but consider how they’ll age. Timeless is often better than trendy.

Family Ties: Does the name fit well with your family name? Say it out loud several times to see how it feels.

Initials: Be cautious about how the initials spell out, avoiding any awkward or unfortunate abbreviations.

In Conclusion

Don’t let naming your baby become too stressful. Seek the perfect name in the world of fashion. These trendy baby names not only resonate with elegance and creativity but also with global and cultural awareness. They’re more than just labels; they carry with them the history of individuals who have changed the way we think about style and beauty. Choosing a fashion-inspired name can be a unique and meaningful way to set the stage for a life filled with creativity, innovation, and flair.

Happy baby naming!

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