The Best Gifts for the Gamer in Your Life

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Looking for the perfect gifts for the gamer in your life? Check out our top recommendations, from assistive technologies to video games and more!

by Martin Brooks

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When you have a gamer in your life, it might seem difficult to find gifts that they’ll truly love and use. While you can always give gift cards or money, that doesn’t feel as personalized and isn’t as fun as giving something they will really want. Here are several gifts that the gaming nerd in your life is going to absolutely swoon over.

Assistive Technologies

While this may seem a little untraditional, finding some assistive technologies for the gamer in your life may help them to be more productive and complete tasks quicker and easier, getting them back to their game quicker. Some great assistive tech includes Dragon, which allows your gamer to speak and have it easily transcribed perfectly, helping them get their work done even faster. Take some time to think about what issues they might be facing in their work or studies and see if there is a product to help.

3D Printers, Document Cameras, and More

While these may not necessarily involve gaming, finding incredible tech gifts for the gamer in your life is a sure way to see them smile when they open the gift. There are great options for 3D printers and printing pens, wireless microphones, and other tech that will make them jump for joy. 

Video Games

This one may seem a little easy, but video games are a sure hit. Explore the most anticipated games of the year and buy a few of them (or all of them) for them to enjoy while gaming. They will think of you every time they complete an objective. Oftentimes, video games are released in sets and with extra content options. Your gamer will love your gift even more if you are able to offer downloadable and bonus content with the game you buy for them. 

Wireless Headphones

Gamers need high-quality headphones for their gaming experience to be optimized. A high-quality pair that is noise-reducing and also includes a microphone is the ideal option. Most gamers like to communicate with others in the game while they play and collaborate, so the headphones need to have a high-quality microphone. 

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are a great option for video game nerds to help them stay comfortable, have good posture, and experience the game in the best way possible. Video game chairs are often orthopedic, so your gamer doesn’t slouch or have poor sitting posture while playing. Some also feature built-in speakers and rumble packs so your gamer can be fully immersed in the game, and they are customizable in colors and styles to match your gamer’s aesthetic. If you buy a gaming chair, it should be the ideal size for those who play on the computer or on the TV. 


Video gamers are often also collectible aficionados and love to have collections of various toys, cards, or other items. If your gamer is a fan of Pokemon, then a Pokemon Set may be the best choice for them to swoon and get excited when they open your present. There are also plenty of collectible gifts that can be combined into a full collectible gift basket, including clothing, pillows, toys, and wall art. 

Ways to Relax

Video gamers can often get very caught up in the game and may find themselves stressed out. Leading campaigns and trying to win online tournaments can be overwhelming, so they need a good stress relief outlet. Finding healthy ways to relax is imperative, so gamers may love a DnD bath bomb gift set that celebrates their hobby while reducing their stress. 

Blue-Light Reducing Glasses

Perhaps you want to protect your gamer’s eyes while they play. A pair of blue-light-reducing glasses is a great way to do this. Without a prescription, these glasses can help protect your gamer from harmful blue light and rays from computer and TV screens. 

Your Gamer Will Love These Gifts

Whatever you choose for the gamer in your life, you can make their day special with gifts from the heart. Whether you opt for stress relief options, a chair, or something technological, make sure your gamer knows you thought of their interests before buying something random. They’re going to love their gift!

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