4 Compelling Reasons to Consider Diamond Consignment and Concierge Service

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Explore diamond consignment and concierge service as a hassle-free way to sell and purchase diamonds. Unlock the value of these precious gems in this guide!

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Diamonds have long been sold to the public as a highly desirable product that will retain their resale value. However, when it comes to diamond consignment or concierge service, the value is often not seen.

While the resale value of any diamond depends on demand and public perception of the product, we’re seeing lab-grown diamonds rapidly improving its public demand, with people appreciating the ethical benefits and the accessible price point. In today’s guide, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using lab-grown diamonds, diamond consignment, and concierge service. Let’s get started!

It’s Easier

Diamonds are a blind purchase, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting into when buying from a jeweler. When you buy from us directly, you’ll receive a personal consultant to help you sift through loose diamonds to find the perfect piece for your budget. This is particularly important for engagement rings as most concierge sales come from brides looking for a quality diamond that matches their vision for their big moment. 

It’s Faster

Diamond retailers don’t often own their inventory; they rent it from wholesalers and manufacturers worldwide. That means they must pay for the actual product and mark it up for overhead, commissions, and profit.

That inflated markup makes getting the same purchase price back at resale difficult. Many customers turn to a jewelry consignment service, offering a much fairer deal.

Still, for some people, resale value isn’t an essential factor. If you’re attached to the idea of a traditional, natural gemstone—and have enough money to afford the mined version—that is entirely your call. If you use a mined rock, get it authenticated and certified by a reputable diamond grading lab. These companies keep very high standards for consistency, which will be useful when you want to resell.

It’s More Convenient.

When you buy a diamond from a retail jewelry store, the price tag on that rock has a lot more built into it than just the product. There’s overhead, commissions, customer service, and that chain needs to make a profit — all of those things add up.

That’s why having an expert in your corner is essential when buying a diamond. A ring concierge can help you preview diamonds, take extra photos, or video chat with you from the comfort of your couch. They can help you decide between lab-grown vs. natural and assist with finding your perfect ring size, advising you on budget-dependent factors while considering your and your partner’s desires.

A reputable diamond concierge team will provide the highest service and advice, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck!

It’s More Affordable.

While it is great to have a traditional diamond if you are financially comfortable enough to pay for one, and we all want a ring that shows off your bling, it’s not always the best idea. Mined diamonds have a very high resale value, but they also come with a pretty hefty price tag that you may be unable to afford.

If you are on a budget, experts recommend exploring lab-grown diamonds. The same 4 C’s of a mined diamond are used to determine a wholesale and retail price for a lab-grown diamond, so you can get a great deal on a dazzling stone by working with an experienced lab-grown dealer.

Another thing to consider is that many retail diamond stores charge high-level prices for their products, and they don’t always tell you what the resale value of your diamond will be.

In Conclusion

Diamond consignment and concierge services offer a hassle-free and convenient way to sell and purchase diamonds. By leveraging the expertise of a personal consultant, buyers can find the perfect diamond that matches their vision and budget. Additionally, utilizing a reputable diamond concierge team like ours, ensures that customers receive the highest level of service and advice, maximizing the value of their investment. With lab-grown diamonds gaining popularity for their ethical benefits and accessible price points, exploring diamond consignment and a concierge service unlocks the value of these precious gems in a more affordable and sustainable way.

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