Boost Parental Productivity: Top Apps for Remote Workers

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Boost parental productivity with these top apps for remote workers. Manage your work-life balance effectively with this guide!

by Bash Sarmiento

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Working remotely can truly be life-changing, but it also brings its own set of challenges for moms and dads. Juggling work tasks with parental responsibilities often feels like walking on thin ice—with the possibility of it breaking at any time. But you can put your fears aside—because technology has given rise to numerous apps designed to streamline those to-dos. So, let’s not waste a moment more and dive into these productivity enhancers that can boost productivity and help you live more optimally. 

Time Management Apps: Make Every Minute Count

One of the more significant challenges of working remotely is managing time effectively. And this is especially true of parents who face countless distractions at home, from laundry piling up to kids needing attention. The good news is that there are minute, even hour-savers like Toggl and RescueTime that can deliver a world of good.

Toggl is a straightforward time-tracking app that allows you to log how much time you spend on various tasks. It can provide an eye-opening view of where your time is actually going. As a result, you can make the much-needed adjustments.

RescueTime, on the other hand, runs quietly in the background of your mobile device or computer. It effectively monitors the time you spend on applications and websites. The output is a detailed report that enables you to understand your daily habits, which empowers you to make the necessary changes to become more focused and productive.

Fitness and Wellbeing Apps: Take Care of Yourself

In addition to ergonomic standing desk setups and exercise equipment, fitness and wellbeing apps like MyFitnessPal, Headspace, and Calm can prove invaluable to your overall wellbeing. 

MyFitnessPal is a comprehensive health and fitness system that helps people lead healthier lives. It offers easy food-and-exercise logging and personalized insights to help you make healthier choices.

Alternatively, Headspace and Calm are mindfulness and meditation apps that provide guided sessions for reducing stress and anxiety. They can even help you improve your sleep hygiene, which can be a godsend for busy parents. 

Project Management Apps: Keep Tasks on the Money

When working remotely, following through on tasks and deadlines can be a bit overwhelming. This is where project management apps like Trello, Asana, and Basecamp can come into play.

Trello uses a card-based system that allows you to create, assign, and monitor tasks. Using the app, you can create different boards for various projects. This makes it easier to separate work tasks from household chores or children’s activities.

Yet another powerful tool is Asana, which helps you plan and structure your workday more effectively. For instance, you can set priorities and deadlines, share details, and assign tasks all in one place on the Asana platform. 

Basecamp, meanwhile, combines all the tools that can help teams get work done in a single, streamlined package. With to-do lists, calendars, chats, file storage, and more, it’s a reliable “mission control” for your professional and personal life.

Note-Taking Apps: Capture and Organize Your Thoughts

Sometimes, outstanding ideas or important reminders strike us at the most random moments. With note-taking apps like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote, you can perfectly seize those thoughts and turn them into indelible information before they slip away.

Evernote equips you to make notes in various formats. Whether it’s text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings, etc., they’re all available on the app. Everything you capture is searchable and accessible across all your devices.

Similar to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook where you can jot down notes, ideas, or to-do lists. You can also sync them across devices.

Communication Apps: Stay Connected

Collaborating with a team for work or staying in touch with your family’s busy schedules? Regardless of what you must do, you’ll likely find communication apps, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, essential to parental productivity. 

Slack offers real-time messaging, file sharing, and voice or video calls. It also integrates with many other tools, like Google Drive and Trello.

Another powerful communication app is Microsoft Teams, which facilitates document collaboration. Thus, it is a robust tool that’s great for both work and planning family activities.

One app that has become synonymous with video conferencing is Zoom. The platform is amazing for online meetings and classes, even virtual family get-togethers.

Parenting Apps: A Helping Hand

With parenting apps like Cozi Family Organizer and Chore Monster, you can breeze through managing parental productivity, family schedules, and encouraging your kids to complete chores.

The Cozi Family Organizer keeps everyone’s calendars and all your lists in one place. Through this all-encompassing app, you can keep the whole family in the loop.

How about making chores fun? The Chore Monster can help you make it happen by rewarding your children for performing household tasks. By completing their assignments, your kids can earn points and exchange them for exciting rewards.

Final Thoughts

Balancing remote work and parenting is no easy task, but it you can certainly boost parental productivity with the right tools. So why not give these apps a try? They might just be the game-changer you need to live your best and most charmed life as a productive remote worker and responsible parent. 

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