Buying an Off-Road Vehicle as Your First Car Might Seem Weird, but Here’s Why It’s Actually a Good Idea

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Discover why an off-road vehicle might be the perfect choice for your first car. Explore alternative options beyond the usual “cheap and small” advice.

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Every now and then, people like to question the things they thought were once gospel. For instance, a lot of people suggest that your first car should always be something cheap that helps you get into driving. They say it should be a small and efficient car so you can get your bearings, or that it has to be an electric car because it’s what everyone will be driving in a few years.

But while we don’t think that’s bad advice per se, we do think that it’s something you can break–especially when it comes to buying your first car.

Look, nobody is expecting you to buy something like a Ferrari as your first vehicle, but there are some options out there that really should be considered instead of just following the age-old advice of “get something cheap and small”.

And one of those modern first-car options is an off-road vehicle! But who would want something like this as their first car? Well, we’ve got a few reasons why!

Off-road vehicles are built to be bulky and safe

One of the problems with a small car is that, well, they’re small. Smaller car means less space, less space means less material. When a car is designed to be compact, manufacturers will make a conscious effort to keep it light and easy to produce. Sadly, this results in a car that is kind of weak and fragile.

Off-road vehicles are made to be tough because people use them in all kinds of situations where the car could get scratched up, beat up, and damaged. Whether it’s powerful off-road mud tires that can traverse almost any kind of terrain, or the fact that it’s probably protected by multiple layers of thick metal, you’re going to get a comfy and safe experience driving one.

Off-road vehicles can do anything and look cool while doing it

When buying your first car, you might think about aesthetics to keep your vehicle looking sleek and cool while you’re driving on the road. But honestly, nothing really beats a big and bulky off-road vehicle roaring through the streets. There’s a certain kind of utilitarian charm about things like jeeps, SUVs, and popular off-road vehicles. They’re built for a purpose, and the person behind the wheel doesn’t care that they don’t look as sleek, fancy, or elegant as a more expensive car.

And because the design is focused on functionality and practicality, you get a bunch of features that will completely change how you use the car.

For instance, off-road cars are often used to travel across the countryside and explore. They’re great for getting to places for a camping trip, or driving around areas that don’t always have solid reliable roads. But they’re also versatile because there’s just so much space for things like groceries.

Wrapping Up

In short, if you want a versatile car that can do everything, an off-road vehicle makes perfect sense. And in the context of buying one as a first vehicle, you have to remember that there’s really no rules to this and you don’t have to work your way up. If you want a big bulky vehicle that tackles every task, get yourself an off-road vehicle!

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