Black Friday Gift Guide: Top Gifts To Give Kids Aged 5 to 10

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Check out our ultimate Black Friday gift guide for kids aged 5-10! From cozy slippers to exciting games, find the perfect presents to light up their faces this holiday season.

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Welcome to our exclusive Black Friday Gift Guide, where we have curated a selection of the top gifts to give kids aged 5 to 10. The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy and excitement than by surprising the young ones in your life with the perfect presents. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or a cherished family member, this gift guide is your one-stop resource for finding the most desirable and age-appropriate gifts that will surely light up their faces with delight. Join us as we explore a wide range of engaging and entertaining options that guarantee to make this holiday season unforgettable for the little ones. Let the gifting spree begin!

Top Gifts For 7-10 Year Olds

#1 Ugg Tasman II Kids Slipper

This is not just any slipper, these Ugg slippers are slip on shoes with so much warmth like being wrapped in a sheep’s blanket. They’re perfectly snug, pairs well with any outfit, and is wildly popular among all kids. So getting them these shoes would be a win for both you and them!

#2 Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are all the rage this year for kids looking to liven up their wardrobe! Our favorite Black Friday sales for these kinds of pants is at Old Navy!

#3 Robux

If you’re kid is into gaming, they’re probably playing Roblox, the ultimate fun game that introduces kids to metaverse-type worlds. And because it’s all about the accessories in games these days, giving them the gift of Robux (Roblox money) they can use in the game just makes sense.

#4 Converse Platform Sneakers

Once an early 2000s style, platform sneakers have made a huge comeback. Now, all the big designers are making them including Converse. These sneakers have the same classic look but with a platform, giving kids that added sense of style.

#5 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart, right? I mean it has the ability to bring together groups of people, from all different ages, to play a beloved game that’s been around for what seems like forever. But this year, upgrade your kids’ gaming experience by grabbing them this Mario Kart version!

#6 Nintendo Switch Lite

Remember the Game Boy? Well, this Nintendo Switch Lite has the same vibe, just extremely modern. It’s small, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be accessorized! Plus, it can be used anywhere and it’s perfect for smaller hands.

#7 Temporary Tattoo Kit

Most kids love to draw on themselves, so why not give them the gift of being able to tattoo themselves with temporary ink. Completely washable, this tattoo kit comes with stencils so their designs are super cool!

#8 Smile, Sisters, and Guts: The Box Set of Books

The perfect books to share amazing stories about confidence, familial love, and overcoming fear, the author of these awesome books uses her own childhood stories to teach children valuable life lessons. Truly wondrous stories and perfect reads for the kids who are in love with books!

Top Gifts For 5-7 Year Old Girls

#1 Melissa & Doug Pilot Dashboard

There are many kids who love to pretend play whether it’s driving or horse riding or flying. And for the kid who is in love with the idea of flying, getting them this pilot dashboard will surely ignite their imagination and send them off on countless pretend adventures!

#2 KidCraft Appleton Wooden Swing Set

Who doesn’t love to swing and slide? For the kid who loves to play outdoors, be sure to gift them with this awesome and truly affordable swing set for the backyard!

#3 Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

Kids love to take photos of things and people they love. But instead of giving them a phone, try giving them a camera that pops out printed photos. Not only will they be excited to have their own camera, they’ll also fall in love with pulling out their photos with the images they shot.

#4 Hungry Hippos Dino Edition

Some kids are into board games, but rather than getting them some boring game, grab the Hungry Hippos Dino Edition from Amazon – it’s a fun and exciting game that will liven up every family night.

#5 Magna Tiles Forest Animals

Ignite your child’s imagination and creativity with these magnetic tiles. They’re magnetized so they stick together in any shape your child can come up with, plus they’re themed allowing for your child to make a complete scene for their pretend play setup.

#6 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils 72-Pack

Almost every child loves to color, so why not gift them their own colored pencil set! With over 70 colors, your child will never search for another color again!

#7 Mini Brands Mini Mart

For some odd reason, kids get super excited about tiny toys, and that’s exactly what Mini Brands does so well. With their tiny life-like toys and marts, your child can feel like they’re creating lively scenes while not taking up too much room!

#8 Nerf Dino Squad Terrodak

The idea of being able to shoot friends, family, and siblings with these nerf foam blasters is oddly appealing to little kids! They love to run around and shoot their Nerf guns because it’s not just fun, but also vibrantly energetic. So this Christmas season, get them the gift of being able to blast anyone who’s in their way!

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Our ultimate Black Friday gift guide for girls aged 5-10 is sure to make this holiday season a memorable one. From cozy slippers to exciting games, we’ve curated a selection of presents that will bring joy and delight to the young ones in your life. So go ahead and start your gifting spree, knowing that you’ve found the perfect gifts to light up their faces. Remember, it’s not just about the presents but the joy of giving and creating lasting memories. Happy holidays and happy gifting!

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