Women-Led Non-Profits Worth Your Time and Effort

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Discover powerful women-led non-profit organizations that are making a difference. Support their causes and be inspired to create change.

by Ivy Locke

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Generally speaking, non-profit organizations are created and managed in such a way that allows them to help specific demographics while also furthering certain causes. Nevertheless, not all non-profits are created equal. Indeed, while some may center causes that do not resonate, others are simply run inefficiently. Luckily, by researching, you can find reputable organizations that have amazing causes and fulfill their mission statements. With that in mind, here is a list of women-led non-profits worth your time and effort. 


SheEO is a vital woman-led non-profit organization. The purpose of this organization is to support women-led ventures via what is known as radical generosity. With the goal of addressing the gender gap in terms of women-led businesses, SheEO believes in the importance of fostering innovation via entrepreneurship. This makes it a vital organization for ambitious women and girls across the globe who have great ideas but need more funding. Those interested in transitioning into entrepreneurship may want to read this book

Girls for Change

One excellent woman-led non-profit organization is Girls for Change. This organization was originally formed in the year 2000 with the goal of empowering young Black women to become leaders in social change by creating their own movements. The program teaches young women how to advocate for their rights and encourages them to do so by providing them with increased access to opportunities and focusing on skill building, community building, and emotional restoration. 

Girls Who Code

Another excellent woman-led non-profit is Girls Who Code. This organization has a mission to close the gender gap within the tech industry. By instilling values such as bravery, sisterhood, and activism, Girls Who Code is helping to level the playing field by providing technological access and education to underserved communities, low-income families, and those with insufficient exposure or access to computer science. 

Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women is yet another excellent example of women-led non-profits that are worth the time and effort. This organization champions bold, ambitious movements geared toward achieving equal rights and opportunities for girls and women across the globe. It has been in existence for over 30 years and has supported a wide variety of causes and initiatives that help change and establish laws that make the world more equitable for women and girls of all ages. 

Vital Voices

Vital Voices is also a great, notable woman-led non-profit. This organization was created to help elevate women’s voices on an international level. It operates under the premise that being invested for the long term is imperative to help elevate women’s voices and make the world a better place. Those who received support from Vital Voices have become U.S. Youth Poet Laureates, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, prime ministers, and even revolutionary social entrepreneurs. Those interested in taking the DIY route to find their voice may want to purchase this book

Wrapping Up

Overall, there are plenty of woman-led organizations to take note of. This list includes some great examples but is by no means comprehensive. So while it is a great place to start, the real goal of this post is to open readers up to the world of woman-led non-profit organizations and encourage people to support them or even create their own. 

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