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Help your child celebrate their strangeness with this fun book!

This positive, upbeat story teaches your child that even if they think they’re weird and don’t fit in, that’s okay! Being yourself is much more important than fitting in and every little one should be proud to be one-of-a-kind.  

Read this book with your child and encourage smiles and giggles as you bond, or let them read on their own to foster independent reading skills. 

Every kid is special, strange, and wonderful. It’s time to celebrate their uniqueness instead of letting them feel ashamed of who they are. Build a sense of self-esteem, positivity, and promote mental health with this beautiful, reassuring story! 

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Need a Fun-Filled, Family Restaurant?

Are you a mom tired of trying to find that perfect family-friendly restaurant to take your kids out for a nice meal?

As a mother of four, I can definitely understand the need to enjoy a nice night out with the family. So, grab your face masks and hand sanitizers, and get ready to dine out with the kids!

Download my Free E-Guide now, to find out where to take your family to eat in New Jersey.

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