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Kimberly Pangaro, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Atomic Mommy-the magazine for all of your parenting needs.
Kimberly Pangaro
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Andrea Smith, a freelance author on our writing team who specializes in writing about children and babies.
Andrea Smith
Anneliese Knop, a freelance author on our writing team who creates personal essays based on her point of view.
Anneliese Knop
Personal Essays
Bash Sarmiento, freelance writer for our tech & education section at Atomic Mommy
Bash Sarmiento
Tech & Education
Jordan Paul, freelance writer in our lifestyle parenting section at Atomic Mommy
Jordan Paul
Lifestyle Parenting
Sade Jenkins, freelance writer for our Self-Care section at Atomic Mommy.
Sade Jenkins
Self-Care Specialist
Ivy Locke, freelance writer for our entertainment section at Atomic Mommy.
Ivy Locke
Kim Payne, freelance writer of our parenting section, at Atomic Mommy.

Kim Payne
Lucy Couser, freelance writer for the lifestyle section of Atomic Mommy.
Lucy Couser
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