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When you schedule to be on our podcast, you will receive an email either approving or rejecting your appointment request. If the appointment is approved, you will receive in a separate email, a podcast release form and additional information to guide you during the podcast recording session. If your appointment has been rejected, it is due to scheduling constraints and you will promptly receive an email with a new preferred date and time.

How to Schedule

To get started on being a guest on the Atomic Mommy podcast, all you need to do is book your recording session HERE. Be sure to answer all of the questions when booking and provide as much information as possible on what you’d like to talk about. There is no fee to be a guest on our podcast.

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Living With Infamy | A Tale of Innocence and Motherhood Atomic Mommy

In this exclusive interview with Amanda Knox, we discuss the price of infamy and the effects it has on her new life as a mom.  — Support this podcast:
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