Who’s Mikki

Hi, my name is Mikki! I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, but you can also call me a compassionate coach.

I help parents understand behavioral issues in children by also helping them understand what behavior analysis actually involves.

Applied Behavior Analysis is taught with a focus on children with autism (ASD) and other behavioral issues. It is applicable to all beings that have behaviors – people of all ages and abilities and even dogs and cats.

My work experience is with kids from 2 to 21 with Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (which is actually an incorrect diagnosis, recognized by most practitioners as trauma), Reactive Attachment Disorder and a whole host of other conditions that come along for the ride and essentially affect how the child perceives the world and how they behave in it.

Behavior is communication, it’s sometimes not the communication that works best, however. Some children I have worked with are verbal, while some are not.

Here are a few areas I typically work to assist in: 

  • Generalized anxiety is a frequent accompaniment to ASD, and I work to alleviate this as much as possible. Trauma is also a familiar passenger in people’s lives – especially since the pandemic began. I work with sensitivity to this and can help guide people through some of the manifestations of trauma in daily life.
  • My focus skill is bringing understanding to fraught situations so that parents can see why behaviors happen from the child’s perspective and can successfully respond to their child in a way that helps the family to communicate without the endless battles between adults and kids. It is possible to prevent unhelpful behaviors if intervention is early enough. We can change behavior direction if we are not early enough to prevent it. There is always something we can do.
  • As a BCBA and a coach, I help to foster parents understanding of their child, unwanted behaviors and why they occur, and how to replace them with behaviors that help the child and the family to feel fulfilled and heard. 
  • Social skills development is probably the most pressing concern for many parents as they see their children struggle. There are many ways to address this concern, dependent upon the individual needs.
  • I have personal and BCBA experience with IEPs in Canada and USA and can talk parents through what they can reasonably expect from the school and what their role is as their child’s parent and advocate.

Working With Me Is An Advantage

  • I am a parent and know how hard that can be. I also know how much fun and rewarding it can be.
  • My life experience spans 8 countries while Montessori assistant teaching, preschool teaching, nursing, working in an orphanage and work in the field of ABA as a technician and then as a BCBA.
  • I have studied and use other areas of psychology such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Positive Psychology and Poly Vagal theory to complement and enhance ABA.
  • I am the compassionate coach. I do not judge parents or children for how they show up in the world. I am not going to tell anyone they are ‘wrong’, but I will offer alternative strategies for them to try and see if they are helpful for their situation. I offer my knowledge, not my opinion or judgement.
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Certified Youth Mental Health Specialist
  • Master’s in Educational Psychology
  • Certified Life Coach – The Life Coach School
  • Background in Montessori
  • Former Registered Nurse
  • Doctor of Behavioral Health Candidate
  • 5 kids between she and her wonderful husband, 5 cats & 5 dogs

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