7 Great Organization Tips For New Moms

Discover 7 amazing organization tips for new moms! From using a planner to setting up diaper stations, stay organized and reduce stress. Read more now!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Did you know that new moms in the U.S. reportedly get only 5.5 hours of sleep? This amounts to more than 900 hours of lost sleep yearly. With this much sleep loss, it’s no wonder that new moms have a difficult time staying organized.

Staying organized helps moms stay on top of things that would otherwise fall waist side. And with a few necessary changes to your routine, getting organized could make motherhood a bit easier for you.

Here are 7 great organization tips to help you on your journey!

#1 Use a planner

The benefits of planning cannot be disputed. If you are a new mom struggling to keep things organized and in order, then it doesn’t hurt to consider using a planner. Planners are great because they allow you to plan everything from breast feedings, workouts, doctor’s appointments, meals, work meetings, and even streaming on a Mac for some much needed R&R.

Planners let you schedule your life according to your needs. You can choose between a daily, weekly, or monthly planner. And in today’s digital age, there are different apps you can use to accomplish this if writing things down in a traditional planner doesn’t work for you.

Remember to prioritize your activities so that you can get the most important things done first, while leaving the least important for last. And keep in mind that a planner is for helping ease your stresses, so try your best not to overload it.

#2 Set up your baby diaper stations at vantage points

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Your baby will need changing at different times of the day, and having multiple baby changing stations will do you some good. You can have the main station in the nursery and still set up others around your home, like the living room and play room. Having one on each floor is practical and a relief.

These mini stations should have all of the essentials like diapers, wipes, and cream. That means you should aim to keep your shelves stocked with them. To do this, try to collect a stockpile so you don’t have to run to the store at inconvenient times. You will be saving time and effort by doing this, thereby reducing your stress, which is exactly what organization tips should provide.

#3 Do a laundry load every day

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As a new mom, laundry will be part of your daily repertoire. Between the number two accidents and the unexpected vomits, you are likely to be swarmed with dirty baby clothes. Waiting till the end of the week to do all of them could be very stressful for you. So every day, try to do a load of laundry before you retire for the day. As a tip, remember to use baby-friendly detergents and temperature to avoid triggering allergies and wear and tear.

#4 Put aside some time to clean before bed

The reasoning behind this is similar to the previous point about laundry. Your home is likely to be a mess by the end of the day, unless you spend your days cleaning every half hour, so you’ll want to have a cleaning strategy in place.

For a no-muss, no-fuss morning, try tidying up before bed. You can set aside 15 to 20 minutes each day to do this. These little power cleaning activities, though short, will allow you to keep your home clean every time. Doing it within short time intervals is also a good way to prevent burnout. This is much better than waiting for the weekend to do everything.

#5 Store your food in a freezer

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Your diet and nutrition postpartum, are crucial for many reasons. It helps your body heal, promotes milk production and overall well-being. But with all the chores you will be doing daily, you may not have time to cook fresh meals. The next best thing is to prep and cook in bulk, for storage in the freezer. You can use the weekend to do this and ensure your meals contain all the required nutrients.

#6 Wake up early for ‘me time’

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Experts recommend waking up early to give you a headstart, which is especially true for new moms. Before your baby wakes up, it will be nice to have some time to yourself to plan, meditate, and do things that bring you peace and calm. However, note that sleep and rest are important postpartum. You will need it to be the best version of yourself. So if you are going to wake up early, then try to go to bed early as well to get the required hours of sleep. If going to bed early isn’t for you, try taking power naps during the day when you get some spare time, but a good night’s sleep is always the best choice. 

#7 Make time for regular decluttering

Babies outgrow things very fast, and you probably bought a lot of things for them before they were born. You may have even received extra items with every birthday and holiday. But after some time, you’ll realize that you don’t need all of those things anymore.

Instead of hoarding this extra stuff in your home, it is better to give them away, sell what is still useful or put them away until you need them again. The easiest way to do this is just before the the next birthday or holiday. Go through your kids’ toys to determine which ones they no longer need and get rid of them. 

Do this every couple of months so that your home does not become overcrowded. It might even become a safety hazard to have items all over your house, so this is a good way to prevent potential accidents

The Takeaway

For new moms, things can easily get overwhelming. Get ahead of things by using these organization tips, rather than continuing to struggle with the chaos. Just keep in mind that staying organized is also good for your mental health, which makes baby and mama happy!

What are some great organization tips that you’d like to share with new moms? We’d love to hear your feedback, so be sure to drop extra tips in your comments!

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