Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Co-Parenting Mistakes

When the couple known as ‘Kimye’ split, no one batted an eye about their kids. Well we did, and here’s what co-parenting mistakes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made!

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In case you were living under a rock and somehow missed the divorce heard around the world, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially over. And although many of us saw this coming, it doesn’t make the situation any easier for those involved. 

Honestly, although they all seem to be exhibiting some level of toxicity, I’m not worried about the adults. Rather, I am specifically concerned about how their collective antics may be affecting the children. 

Ye’s Public Tantrums

Let’s start with the obvious. Kanye’s public rants were a real doozy. So much so that they essentially served to undermine the mistakes made by Kim. Ye took the time to air dirty laundry all over the internet. He complained about Kim’s parenting skills, accused her of ‘kidnapping’ his child, excluding him from a birthday party, preventing North from attending his recurring church program, Sunday Service, etc. 

Did I mention that he gave Pete a less than flattering nickname (Skete)? Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous video of a Claymation Kanye placing roses around Pete Davison’s severed head. He also purposely dated and paraded a series of Kim K. clones in public. You know, good, old-fashioned Hollywood fun. 

Where Ye Went Wrong

No matter how we feel about them individually, Kim and Kanye had a pretty successful marriage (by Hollywood standards), yielding them four beautiful children who deserve a functional family unit. Nevertheless, the way he went about this was totally wrong. It seems that his real goal was to shame Kim into caving in. 

Honestly, there’s no reason for someone as rich and powerful as Kanye to take to the internet to ask random fans for help getting his daughter off of Tik-Tok. Courts, attorneys, and judges get paid handsomely to handle such matters. Where Kanye went wrong was trying to tarnish Kim, Pete, and her family’s reputations online to send her crawling back to him. 

Where Kim Went Wrong

Where Kim went wrong is by moving on too quickly. I’m certainly not saying she has no right to move on. However, I am saying that doing so publicly and with a celebrity such as Pete Davidson (who she met and shared an on-screen smooch with during her marriage) was definitely over the top.

Now I don’t know Pete Davidson at all, but I do understand why a father would have issues with their children sharing a space with a man who made unsavory jokes about babies in the past. I respect her need to move on, but how she did it is what I have issue with. Given that her now ex-husband is a man who suffers from bipolar disorder, has very little family, and has had severe mental health episodes before, I think Kim should have handled the situation much better. Or at the very least, she should’ve let the ink dry on the divorce decree before introducing her new family to the public. Unfortunately, doing so only invited the general public’s opinions, which only seemed to fuel Kanye’s rants and raves. 

Laps and Tattoos

Now I know Hollywood moves at a much faster pace than us mere mortals. However, allowing your daughter to be lapped up driving around with your new beau, who also appears to have your children’s initials tattooed on himself, just months after the divorce became official, seems like traveling at breakneck speed.

Kanye may indeed be a narcissist, so I understand why she was so resolute on moving on and never looking back. Nevertheless, she definitely provoked Kanye’s outbursts, and went out of her way to trigger his mental health issues. Naturally, doing so is certainly not conducive to long-term harmony. 

How to Avoid this in the Future

Whether Pete and Kim are here to stay or just passing through, this entire situation could’ve been handled better on both sides. When you have children, you need to put their well-being above all else. Allowing them to bond too quickly with a man who might turn out to be a rebound, may definitely prove to be a mistake. On the other hand, trashing your wife, her family, and the man who has assumed the stepdad role, will undoubtedly haunt you in the end. 

According to Psychology Today, successfully co-parenting with a narcissist means never making the children pawns, creating a detailed custody agreement, not engaging in arguments, and steering clear of their triggers. Unfortunately, in the case of ‘Kimye’, each of them is guilty of not taking the time to handle these things properly. And no matter how things turn out, at some point, they will likely have a much more critical audience to answer to, their kids. 

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